My Epiphany at Tonight's School Super Meeting

Posted by $ Abaco 1 year, 6 months ago to Education
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So, I attended the first public meeting for the new school superintendent tonight. I think she may do a good job. Gave a nice into speech. Then, the public took the mic and I was entertained. First off...there were three well armed, well armored cops present - which I found interesting. Well, many parents took the mic. AT LEAST HALF of them had bullying/assault/groping stories about their kids being victimized. Rather than take the mic....I realized it would be a waste of time and walked up the isle early to leave. The super, in her somewhat chimp-fisted attempts to address the problem uttered, "If you send the bully home they just go home and relax and come back. And, they're entitled to an education too." That's all I needed to hear to decide to stay quiet. It hit me. I thought back on my youth. I used to get in fights with regularity. Then, as an adult I took up boxing at a boxing gym for fitness and fell in love with the sport. My son has autism but is athletic and I've been getting him on the heavy bag with some regularity. And, he got his karate black belt at a young age.

I've decided that the answer for bullying isn't coming from the school. Parents, kids and families need to decide to have the child learn how to defend themselves or fork over the dough for private school. I'm saving that money for college. Almost nobody can pay for both. I am going to evaluate a few of the local boxing gyms and speak to the owners. This is a big, untapped market for these gyms. May just start my own gym. I could tell from the parents' comments tonight they're desperate to protect their kids. One of our gubernatorial candidates (I voted for) is a retired pro boxer and I'm going to reach out to him for thoughts on this. It's time that normal, good kids learn how to punch the shit out of a would-be attacker in the halls of their own schools. I wish it wasn't needed. But, the woke are running the schools and the violent kids have free reign now...based on the stories I'm hearing.

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