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  • Posted by jack1776 1 month ago
    These poor kids have been brainwashed right under their parents’ noses in school. For my daughter, its was a school club called GSA, this is not the traditional Girl Scouts of America but the Gay Straight Alliance. It’s in almost every school in the country and fighting it is impossible this side of the law, which is no longer on our side.

    When we discovered what was happening, the school refused our requests to throw this club off campus, our point is that it has no place in school and is against our wishes. My daughter was susceptible at the time due to a divorce and a mentally ill mother; this is the children they are attacking. The district superintendent told me and my wife that the school can’t throw them out as they have a constitutional right to be on the campus. I find it odd that if I wanted to have a club for gun safety for high school students, I would probably be denied.

    This is just one brick in the wall of some kind of plan to change the world order. The destruction of families is a result of this club in our children's schools. My daughter says she is transitioning to a man, not possible but never the less, she is on hormones. She no longer communicates with me or my wife because we refuse to accept her decision even though we love her. This is the effect of this program… Sterilizing youth, destruction of family relationships and making a minion for their cause that will never switch as they have made permanent changes that can never be undone to their bodies.

    I don’t think there is anything we can do now to stop what is happening to our country and the world, only to be able to rebuild it afterwards in a better image then where it was when all of this started. I’m preparing by becoming self-reliant, paying off doubts and learning new skills. I’m organizing with my neighbors, which all agree we are in for dark times ahead.

    The moral of this story, if you have school aged children – Home school, not next year, not next week but tomorrow. School is a toxic environment, toxic to families.

    Also, the cell phone, no way in hell should a child have a cell phone. Too many predators find them online and lure them away. I’m in technology and thought introducing the children early to technology would be helpful, this was before social media went full retard. A major misjudgment on my part... Hindsight is a bitch...

    I’m telling this story as a warning for younger parents.
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  • Posted by mhubb 1 month ago
    someone i know has a daughter
    that daughter has a partner now, another girl

    both had their breasts removed ??!!???
    the partner had a Hysterectomy ???!!!???

    they seem to hate themselves, to do this to their bodies

    i think part of the problem is that they have way too much time on their hands, life being much easier than it was 100 years ago

    and they clearly have unreasonable issues with acceptance and God
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    • Posted by jack1776 1 month ago
      I'm not religious and not a follower of the bible, I have always left the possibility that something exists outside of our consciousness.

      I have to say that a few personal experiences is causing be to question this, the impossibility of these events coupled with the ramification (life) has me wondering. Ether I'm lucky or blessed, I don't know which.

      With that said, I find the stories in the bible interesting as they seem to be a warning by people from a time in which they cannot comprehend the reasons that cause events to occur. Most all of my friends our very religious and most are uttering the end-times phrase. Maybe the bible has a warning for today but but from a simpler time?

      As for the person you know, I know they are heart broken...
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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 1 month ago
    People do not want to accept the laws of nature and of physics: 2+2=4, "The same attribute cannot at the same time belong and not belong to the same subject in the same respect", (Aristotle) the law of gravity, etc. From what I understand , they are taught in colleges that "there are no absolutes", and other such garbage as that, but now they are being taught garbage in grade school.
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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
    They are mentally ill. Well , at least they were diagnosed with a psychosis until they changed the definition.
    This is an insidious trait of the demons , they distort Twist and pervert reality. Cancel history and cancel any that refuse the ruse. Regarding the mental state of these people ,as Ayn Rand said (to paraphrase) “you can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of reality.”
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    • Posted by 1 month ago
      My father, a half breed American Indian, assured me I could accomplish just about anything I attempted and shouldn't bow to anyone but God. I wonder if the doctors who are removing girls' breasts just set their Hipocratic Oath on the floor. "First Do No Harm?' N
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