Monday morning memes

Posted by $ Dobrien 5 months, 1 week ago to Entertainment
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  • Posted by freedomforall 5 months, 1 week ago
    The comparison of '73 costs and income to present is fraudulent trash.
    And the conclusion ignores free will choices made by students who disregarded economic realities that are obvious to anyone with ability to think rationally.
    Typical of the left to place blame for their mistakes on people who were blameless.
    Reminds me of voters continuing to vote for the two major parties that always lie and complaining about the results.

    Thanks for the memes, DOB. 👍
    Enjoyed the groper, straws, puppeteer.
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    • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 5 months, 1 week ago
      Debt to income relationships are relative to the times...debt is always a burden. Back in the 50s my dad made 120 a week and the morg was 110.00.
      Today, one making 1000.00 a week has a morg of about 2000.00...you just can't win.
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    • Posted by $ 5 months, 1 week ago
      Debt slavery created by the Deletes who control the politicians and the corporate heads will be a addressed. Plenty of blame to go around with this topic.
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    • Posted by $ blarman 5 months, 1 week ago
      From https://www.portablepress.com/blog/20...
      Average annual income: $12,900 or ~$250/month.
      Average new home cost: $32,500 or 2.5x one's annual salary
      Milk was $1.31/gal
      Eggs were a staggering $.69/dozen
      Gas was $.39/gallon
      bread was 5-20 oz loaves for $1.00
      Tuition would have been 91 hrs @1.65/hr (minimum wage). That's a part-time job for a month.

      For comparison (from various sources) in 2022
      Average annual income: $53,500 (4.15x the 1973 figure) - in my area, avg annual income is $51,500.
      Average new home cost: $348,000 (10.7x) - in my area, avg home cost is $550,000.
      Milk is $4.38/gal (3.34x)
      Eggs are $2.94/dozen (4.26x) - In my area, eggs are $4/doz and still rising.
      Gas has come down to a mere $3.84/gal (down from >$5/gal) (10x) - in my area, gas is $4.59/gal
      Bread is $1.72/loaf (8.6x)
      Tuition is now 936 hrs @ $14.00/hr (min wage). That's 23.4 weeks @40 hrs/week!

      Comparison, based on income
      Homes are 2-3x as expensive as 50 years ago.
      Milk is on par.
      Eggs are a little more expensive, but not bad except when one considers they were still <$1.00/dozen until Biden took office...
      Gas should be $1.00/gallon, but the government keeps getting in the way.
      Bread is ridiculously expensive - again see the price of gas
      Tuition has gone up more than 10x in relative expense compared to 50 years ago. Much of this can be directly attributed to government subsidies, etc.

      Still doesn't mean that I should be paying someone else's bills.
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      • Posted by CMBurton 5 months, 1 week ago
        blarman Tuition has gotten ridiculously out of hand. I'm not sure why. When I went to law school in 2005 to 2008 I lived basically in a slum (broken window locks and no peephole--hole plugged with masking tape), drove an older car I had already paid off, didn't eat out, etc., etc. Worked as much as I was allowed (school forbade--strongly discouraged, whatever) more than part-time work due to heavy study load. Still graduated with almost 100 thousand in student loans. By contrast, went through 5 years of undergrad back in the 80's with NO student loans. It's crazy. Of course, graduate and professional school are more expensive than undergrad, but still. $5k a semester just for tuition, then room, board, books (which are now hundreds of dollars each), it's crazy. My nephews are starting undergrad and their parents make a good living, but they still sweat the bills trying to pay for everything without taking out student loans. My brother-in-law has been talking about borrowing from his retirement because it's a cheaper, more doable alternative for them. I hate to see him do that, but they are determined to get the boys through without having to take out student loans and I can't say that I blame them. I'll probably die before mine are paid off. The good news is, they are automatically forgiven when you die!
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  • Posted by starguy 5 months, 1 week ago
    Klaus Schwab, Dr. Evil.... hmmm.
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    • Posted by CaptainKirk 5 months, 1 week ago
      BTW, I assume... Hmmm means: ABSOLUTELY!
      Trained By Kissinger himself.
      How we handled WWI created WWII
      How we handled WWII created 3/4 of the wars and problems/conflicts in the world.

      And now, with corruption so deep that jury trials are riggable (see Roger Stones Jury Selection Results)... And crooked judges don't recuse themselves and violate/stretch the law to get a desired political outcome...

      All controlled by the same group of NGOs that OUR GOVERNMENT FUNDED!
      Now... That's a Hmmm...
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      • Posted by $ 5 months, 1 week ago
        Slavery is one of the oldest businesses on earth. This series will explore the evolution of slavery and the ways in which the Prussian rulers, or invisible enemy, continued to maintain their control over humanity, in such a way that is not obvious.

        #PrussiaGate has provided significant evidence that the invisible enemy currently utilizes the realm of international law, controlling nations via various treaties and agreements. International law is the realm of corporate law, civil law and statutes, meaning that mandates are offered, inviting nations into agreement. Generally speaking, it is only with the agreement of two parties, that mandates become legal.

        Most major treaties on earth were signed during a war, or soon after. In this context, they appear to be peace treaties, however if you look carefully, you’ll see they are cleverly crafted trade agreements. Essentially, the war was postponed, provided that all parties agreed to act in accordance with the treaty. While these treaties could be wide-ranging in scope, the major provisions during the Great Wars related to the use of certain seas and ports. Treaties are often revised, but usually within the context of the one that preceded it. The means that a partial war-time context still exists within the world.

        #PrussiaGate has shown how the establishment of the US Federal Reserve played a significant role during WWI. General Smedley Butler pointed out the enormous profits made by American corporations during the war. American and German corporations then built a staggering amount of wealth in the following decades. We have highlighted the role central banks play in controlling nations, via national debt. This context has resulted in a form of debt slavery, where behavior can be controlled, ensuring humanity is in a form of captivity.

        Understanding debt slavery requires an understanding of central banking. Understanding central banking requires an understanding of trade. Understanding trade requires an understanding of merchants. Part 1 of this series will take you on a deep dive into the origins of trade, as we further understand the hold that Prussian ideology has on the earth.
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  • Posted by $ pixelate 5 months, 1 week ago
    And somewhere north of the page, there is a master controlling the strings attached to Obama.
    The three vax types - saline, mRNA, mRNA+ cancer... and still, I want to see a picture showing the body of one of these bureaucrats in a dumpster. Maybe it's time for me to come out of retirement. Seriously. If there has been such widespread damage by so-called 'public health experts' -- is there no relative of someone dead as a result of the deadly-use-of-force inflicted by the bureaucrats that this relative does not enact some very overt form of retribution? My parents and friends are fine -- through the plandemic and afterwards. Perhaps I just need a little more in the form of catalyst -- lockdowns part 2 in context of 'climate change?' Please, just one body in a dumpster or hanging from a rope -- no note, no manifesto. Just a naked swinging body.
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