Just saw John Galt in West Palm Beach (09/12)

Posted by $ number6 5 years, 11 months ago to Movies
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I just saw the opening showing of ASIII: John Galt at City Place in West Palm Beach. I was happy to see 14 people at a 12:50 PM
showing during the middle of the work day.
I thought the movie was well done especially given that its a very difficult book to bring to screen.

The Galt speech was very well done.

I think that the use of Hannity, Beck, Wilcow was somewhat negative in that it will cause detractors to be able label it as an "extreme right-wing" movie.

Comments of critique : 1)The scenery shots were a little to numerous and seemed to take up time that could have been used for substance. 2)The music, on occasion, was overwhelming.

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