Carbon Dating...?

Posted by Aeronca 1 week, 1 day ago to Humor
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We're not old, we're diamonds.

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  • Posted by Flootus5 1 week ago
    Throws another angle on carbon sequestration. I'll volunteer!..........and get paid for it!
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    • Posted by 6 days, 23 hours ago
      What I can't stand, having studied Thermodynamics, is people who think we're going to mop up the CO2. Boulders roll down hills, not up. We are not going to take a molecule in it's most stable state, carbon maximally oxidized, and water, another stable molecule, and heat and light and ash and turn it back into a log!!! Logs burn, they don't spontaneously reform. Idiots.

      Trees and grass and anything photosynthetic that eats CO2, that's how nature takes care of CO2.
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