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Posted by $ Dobrien 2 weeks, 4 days ago to Science
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I saw this post and found it to be very objective and interesting. Now with so much evidence compiling about the corrupt Medical Industrial Complex and eyes are now opening to that. Taking some of your health into your own hands by researching , May be beneficial.

I am not a medical advisor and am not recommending anything….. but researching and doing your homework so to speak

I stopped going to my local doctor for vitamin B12 injections & iron infusions, after feeling discomforted & coerced literally every time I went to the medical center. The doctor would write scripts or referrals & encouraged me to either take free samples of calcium & other minerals I cannot remember the names of, or to see a specialist for some possible ailment she thought I might have or prevent me from having in the future.

It forced me to look deeper into ways to correct my low blood iron levels. I also looked far & wide into 'alternative' information & learned that the increasingly larger number of people with a B12 deficiency is due to the unnecessary cleaning of fruits. The remedy: fruit off the vine, tree, or bush should NOT be washed, especially when it has fallen onto the ground, because specific bacteria in the soil & on the unpicked fruits make B12. I can do this with the winter vegetables & the spring mulberries. I enjoy eating the berries fallen on the ground with bareIy a slight rub to remove the excess sand (= Perth 'soil') all the more, therefore. It'd be a different matter in a garden where chemicals are used, of course. But it illustrates - yet again - that the natural world is intelligently designed beyond one's imagination & comprehension.

I kept the box of calcium tablets as a reminder to myself of the reason I stopped going to the doctor. The cardboard packaging of the container reads: "SAMPLE PACK Calcium supplement Caltrate BONE & MUSCLE HEALTH PLUS MINERALS... 30 Tablets" // I also happen to know that calcium is in almost every plant & animal food & food products, & that the Western diet is so high in calcium so that it forms plaque in the body, evidenced when one sees older people finding it difficult to freely move their head, instead turning their body to the thing/person they want to see. Furthermore, the calcium molecule is too large for the human gut to digest, hence some people develop allergies to milk. The drug companies, with their compliant marionettes in the 'medical profession', have exposed themselves well & truly. I understand the reason English-born Dr Vernon Coleman stopped practising as a doctor decades ago, & chose to educate his listeners / readers of the endless deceptions of a potentially noble profession.

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  • Posted by Lucky 2 weeks, 4 days ago
    As a habitual fruit washer I read this with great interest.
    Can you give the source?

    I think washing commercial fruit would be the right thing to do as pieces that fall to the ground are not retrieved.

    Calcium, yes crucially important, as the article says this does not means anyone needs more it. The idea we are getting too much could be correct. It may just get deposited in arteries.
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    • Posted by $ 2 weeks, 4 days ago
      No Lucky, as I said . I found this post and thought it was interesting. I have do not know if this info is accurate. I do know that doing your own research on medical topics is crucial to making the Best decision for your healthcare. Peace and health to you.
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  • Posted by Aeronca 2 weeks, 3 days ago
    The #1 most important way to keep bones strong is to use them. Bones will not take up calcium unless you torque or bend the bone, from walking, running, lifting things, etc...with a sedentary lifestyle, you can eat sticks of chalk all day long and your bones will still hollow out. No need for calcium tablets or expensive drugs. Just eat some spinach and take a walk.
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