Chinese-Americans with Taiwanese relatives (anyone with sympathies for Taiwan) who voted for Biden in 2020 are about to get a lesson in the meaning of the word “DUPLICITY” -Ben Shapiro @

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I just finished hearing Ben Shapiro’s lucid radio-show analysis of the Taiwan situation after Pelosi’s August Taiwan visit one day ago.

Shapiro made a point in international geopolitics graphically clear: the Biden administration is now attempting to replay in Taiwan-Chinese relations the same middle-of-the-road squat (also termed duplicity) that touched off first the Russian encirclement and then, more recently the dedicated invasion of strategic areas of Ukraine. The duplicity here was jawboning Putin while withholding the weapons that would have deterred Putin from launching the invasion.

Ben Shapiro noted that there is a major difference in the Ukraine duplicity that will prove disastrous when attempted again with China vis-à-vis Taiwan.

A dictionary definition of duplicity reads: contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action.

Duplicity was evident in Biden’s handling of the Ukraine situation when Biden warned Russia repeatedly against invading Ukraine (also termed jawboning) but withheld significant weaponry until after the invasion actually began. Biden is now repeating this misadventure, this same brand of duplicity, in his handling of the Chinese-Taiwan situation. Biden is falling over himself trying to preserve and perpetuate the “strategic ambiguity” approach that didn’t work with Ukraine.

Senate Republicans and some Democrats have coauthored a $6.5B military defense package for Taiwan but Biden (according to Shapiro) persists in blocking it. He, again, as with Putin and Ukraine, wants to jawbone Xi Jinping, saying “the US will defend Taiwan,” but not do anything that would trigger a military response from China.

What is now causing a military stalemate in Ukraine, the delayed weapons delivery until after Russian forces opened active fronts within Ukraine, won’t work as easily (if at all) in Taiwan because the Chinese navy can completely blockade Taiwan. Once Taiwan is fully blockaded, there won’t be any way to deliver weapons to Taiwan because Biden won’t risk a military confrontation with PRC to break the blockade militarily. Ukraine could be supplied from the NATO countries that border it, but Taiwan has no such logistical access. Shapiro made this point in his lucid analysis.

If Biden’s bluster meant anything, he would be supplying Taiwan immediately and in abundance, before a blockade could be imposed. If Biden waits until after the blockade is imposed, obviously his choices are narrowed to opening direct conflict with PRC to break the blockade and supply the weapons that should have been delivered before the blockade.

Corruption generally seeks the “middle of the road” or “wait-and-see” approach. This was so apparent in the choice between Trump and Biden, that I personally was surprised to see so many Americans opt for a person who is so obviously corrupt in so many ways—physically, mentally, personally (with regard to family and those in his immediate reach, handling and sniffing without invitation), and politically (e.g. consider the harangue, “If you can’t vote for me, you ain’t Black!”),

Well, those Biden voters got what they wanted, and now the fate of Taiwan is finally in the hands of corrupt old Joe. Now those Biden voters, whose eyes weren’t opened by Biden’s midnight evacuation of Afghanistan, or by Biden’s Ukraine duplicity, will now have a chance to learn the consequences of duplicity as they play out in Taiwan.

Some people can only find the meaning of words when they see the blood, sweat, and tears of relatives and close friends. The many Chinese-American Biden voters with any personal connection to Taiwan are going to learn this language lesson very soon.

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  • Posted by Lucky 1 week, 4 days ago
    Thanks for the Shapiro thoughts but I do not see the matching of Taiwan with Ukraine. Ukraine is a corrupt satrapy of the US with the attraction of being a convenient money washer for politicians, the evidence for child trafficking is strong.
    Their armed forces were/are managed by NATO and other European nations and volunteers. The provoking of Russia had been made over several years so a defensive response was prepared. It has failed, Russia does not care about Ukraine's losses of life in young men, not does the US, nor does the EU. While Ukraine suffers, and its people die, the 'western' objectives are being achieved, in the main those of handing out (public) money to a wide circle with much return to the cronies.

    Taiwan however is far less corrupt, it has had years to build defenses which could well be good, technically. (My opinion) the effectiveness of China's military has been exaggerated, same as for Russia, and same for the US. Different reasons apply. I am inclined to think that the effectiveness, and morale of Taiwan's military is good.
    China has not invaded (so far). Perhaps they know their capabilities and limitations. Most of all, they know they are winning and will not need an armed invasion given the state of the entire 'west'.
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    • Posted by 1 week, 4 days ago
      I tend to agree with you regarding differences between Taiwan and Ukraine regimes, however the quality of the regimes is not the fundamental issue here in my opinion.

      The "strategic ambiguity" policy--and it's interpretation by the PRC (and by Taiwan)--is more the issue now. It can either be seen as a veiled iron fist (in the case of a Trump), or it can be seen as an equivocating, corrupt and corruptible "paper tiger" (in the case of a Biden). No one argues that PRC could devastate Taiwan either through blockade or through missile attack. It's still US resolve, and ultimately the threat of military force, that prevents this from happening.

      "Strategic ambiguity", with increasing US temerity and equivocation (as evidenced in Ukraine and Afghanistan) has now devolved, under Biden, into something far less credible than it has been since Nixon. The returns of this transition, in my opinion, are about due to arrive.
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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 1 week, 3 days ago
    For at least about the past 50 years, this country has been a sissy in its behavior toward Red China. At age 19, I was shocked at Nixon's recognition of Red China (wasn't he supposed to be a Republican? Ha ha!) Then Red China was admitted into the UN and Taiwan was thrown out. (We should get out and throw the UN out of New York). Then, later, President Carter got on the tube one Monday night, and announced withdrawal of recognition of Taiwan, and acknowledged the policy that there was only "one China" and that "Taiwan is part of China." (which could be justified only by saying that Taiwan was the only legitimate China and that Red China was illegitimate, but can you imagine an American President doing that in modern times?)So on it goes, with Neville Chamberlayne [sp?]having apparently been elected President of the U.S.
    We should break off diplomatic relations with Communist China and embargo all their products from being sold over here. I don't mean any namby-pamby measures such as tariffs, I mean an outright embargo.
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