This is not just about the United States.

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A Globalist Cabal of slime. We are in World War III
2022 style. It is irregular warfare. Evil vs Good.

Irregular Warfare takes many shapes. To condense : including Political Warfare, Information Warfare, infiltration with in, psyops ,covert actions in no set order. Political warfare is impeachment hoax’s to J6 🦨 to false flags and more. Information warfare includes propaganda, fake news coordinated by the deep state bankers through the compromised Intel agencies ,to memes , public Ed ,and Hollywood+++
Infiltration from with in. History of the Prussian hand in every Worldwar would suggest looking at them again and low and behold there they are in the World Economic Forum an “organization” satanic coven of heirs from the same pigs that fuQed the world for the last 100+ years.
Psyops abound and will be revealed in time but amongst that effort you have seen much including Fal se fla g events. Timing of information drops . Covert actions mean we have no idea ….until someone wants us to know and massive money Soros like. Influence purchasing. Schwab trained young leaders (puke).
Color Revolutions , BLM , Antifa , operation Paperclip. MKUltra, operation Mockingbird.etc…

From Sri Lanka to UK to France to Isreal to The Netherlands, to Germany, Italy , Panama , Ukraine , Albania all are seeing Massive Protests and uprisings with Govt being toppled by the citizens.
Canada’s Justin CastroTrudeau can’t walk in his own streets. Yet in Contrast President Bolsonaro of Brazil takes a motorcycle through Rio and literally is greeted with cheering mobs of a million plus.
He is a Nationalist so is Trump so is Putin and so was Shinzo Abe (RIP). Abe a recent casualty and Hero in this War.
keep your eyes on them. Boris Johnson UK , Sri Lanka President had to flee and resigned from another country ,Thailand . Italy’s Prime Minister tendered his resignation and was denied by the President, because he would have to go than as well. The Good side is the target and we are fighting back world wide. Nothing can stop what is coming . NCSWIC. Reality can be ignored but the results of reality can’t be. From Laptops to Epstien to Durham to Ukraine and Election fraud , wonderland to the Pope. Truth is the water behind a DAM that leaks.
As people reach the precipice and continue to be pushed they will then find the will to change.

Sep 12, 2020 2:47:18 PM EDT
MSDNC CON: the Country is divided and dementia Joe [currently taking early-stage dementia medication?] is leading across-the-board.
MSDNC controls what you see [digital echo].
Twitter - FB - GOOG control what you see and what trends [digital echo].
Hollywood ['stars'] swarm to enforce ['trend' echo].
Blue checkmarks swarm to enforce [digital echo].
ANTIFA swarm to enforce [non_digital echo].
Rage and emotion follow by those indoctrinated [echo controlled].
Define 'indoctrinate'.
to often repeat an idea or belief to someone in order to persuade them to accept it
Next: grab 'rage & emotion' [organized platform(s)] by indoctrinated and project as 'majority' [zoom and enhance _narrow focus as mainstream].
System of control.
Many choose the path of least resistance.
For many you cannot tell them the truth.
You must show them.
Only at the PRECIPICE will people find the will [strength] to change and break the system of control [be free].

Yes Q is a psyop meant to Awaken the sleeping masses , to train anons to research and frustrate the criminals at the minimum.

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