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Posted by $ Dobrien 2 months, 2 weeks ago to Education
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It is often said that Q should be disregarded because it is obviously a psychological operation, a psyop. I don’t dispute that it may well be, and likely is, a psyop. The questions that must then be asked are: What the goal of the psyop? Who is conducting the psyop?

It has been suggested that Q is a psyop conducted by some aspect of the one-world, global communist order with the goal of subduing the patriotic truth movement by convincing them that help is on the way when it is not, pacifying them. If that’s true, the psyop has backfired. The patriotic truth movement is growing massively by the day. People have become active in their communities across the country, trying to right the ship in any way they can. People are learning the darkest truths this world has to offer and, for the first time, deciding not to look away from them.

The very wise supporters of the Operation Trust Theory contend that tens of millions of people taking up arms and taking over governments through violent revolution is a better path forward, as if that opportunity does not still exist in the future, if things come to that. The point is to right the ship, not destroy the world for many generations because impatient people think their frustration should be soothed with open combat.

If subduing the patriotic truth movement was the goal of the Q psyop, on behalf of the global communist order, the psyop has been a spectacular failure. On the other hand, if Q is a psyop run for a reason other than undermining patriotic Americans, it would seem to have been very effective. The population is becoming more patriotic, more informed, more discerning, more active, more connected, more spiritual, and more focused on higher truths, higher causes, and higher powers.

It should not be overlooked that the “QAnon” bogeyman narrative delivered by The News is most definitely a psyop, with clear goals and a clear target audience. The bogeyman serves as a scapegoat and a scarecrow. The negative societal impacts created by the “QAnon” bogeyman narrative are severe.

As long as the bogeyman remains convincing to some, the psyop continues. Those in the hate movement it spawned grow more desperate and dangerous, even as the movement itself shrinks in size and withers away. The case that The News is actually the malicious psyop, and not Q, is supported by the real historic existence of Operation Mockingbird and the fact that numerous former military, intel, and law enforcement officials remain regulars on cable news shows, despite years of making provably false claims about empirical reality.

In truth, it doesn’t matter at all whether Q was a psyop, nor who conducted the psyop. The result in the real world is the same either way – the Q community and the broader truth community have changed the information stream permanently and seized the power to control the narrative away from The News. It will not be given back.

Q posts are only information among other information. The puzzle pieces that create a perfect map of reality are infinite in number. We will never access enough pieces to complete the entire puzzle, but we can still figure out which ones may fit together. We must do this to survive. Humans have from the beginning.

Was Q a senseless jumble of codes and tricks and catch-phrases as we’re led to believe? It does not matter all. The number of puzzle pieces added to the map of reality by the Q community, and the broader truth community, grows at a staggering pace. The information is analyzed by sophisticated, intelligent, faithful, and dedicated people. The work these communities produce has proven useful, consistently, to a great and ever-expanding number of people. It is, at all times, more useful than The News because the community strives to never be misleading.

The News not only misleads its audience about events in the world, it misleads about the meaning of events in the lives of its audience. The News misleads its audience about themselves and about other people. The News teaches people to hate. The News does all of this on purpose, for the benefit of the world’s most powerful people and institutions.

When people say The News is the enemy of the people, this is what they mean. The News intentionally convinces people to compromise themselves, their relationships, and their values.

There is evil in this world. It is all around us. We can no longer afford to deny it. No less than the future of human freedom is at stake.

Terrorism, biological warfare, psychological warfare, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child sex trafficking, spying, tracking, modern slavery, active concentration camps, intentional medical malpractice, mass censorship and propaganda, false flags, wars of choice and convenience, child torture and sexual abuse, ritual worship of the material world, the reimagining of the Elite self as a God of this realm, and the quest for immortality.

These things are, in fact, real. People who want to deny them should stop pretending to care about other people. In reality, they have not cared enough to bother finding out whether The News was wrong. After all, people like them agreed that The News was right.

We tell ourselves stories in order to live. Where have the stories we’ve accepted brought us? It’s worth asking.

Worshippers of the Authoritative Source spend a great deal of time and energy defending, and often arguing for, all of the evils listed and why they might not be that bad in this case. The broader truth community wants to prosecute everyone involved in inflicting such evils upon society. The community wants justice under the law.

Whether @Q on Truth Social is The Q is ultimately irrelevant. If @Q serves the same purpose Q served, it will be useful. If it is consistently useful, people will consistently pay attention to it. The truth is that both @Q and Q are now unnecessary because the truth community is controlling the information stream successfully without additional guidance. The presence or absence of Q or @Q will be a matter of belief. The result of Q, intended or not, now stands on its own.

It is clear why The News doesn’t want anyone to know this, and why they don’t want to announce the presence of @Q on Truth Social. The bogeyman is disappearing. The News can’t risk letting people discover reality for themselves.

Perhaps judgment on Q should be left to the eye of the beholder. No one in the community is trying to rewire your brain, they’d just like you to acknowledge that you’re defending Nazis and pedophilia solely because The News told you to, and they’d like you to stop it immediately.

In an intelligent and thoughtful society, people would be concerned about people begging for a nuclear World War and the imprisonment of their fellow citizens because of something they saw on The News - something they knew nothing else about and did not try to understand.

They, and people like them, cheer on great evils when they know the other side will suffer. They do this because they’re worried about being banished from the Party of False Decorum. They do it because they cannot risk the wrath of people like them and people better than them. They do it because they can’t admit they’ve been brainwashed.

People like them are victims of a psyop and do not have any awareness of what they’re doing or the harm it’s causing. They continue to do what the Authoritative Source tells them to do. The do it without knowledge or remorse.

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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 2 months, 2 weeks ago
    Thanks for posting, we need reminding that Justice needs to be served but not necessarily to make the sheeple suffer but to offer forgiveness for their allowance to be mislead and deceived and hope for their awakening from their woke slumber.
    We Must reunite or forever be lost in the darkness.
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    • Posted by freedomforall 2 months, 2 weeks ago
      The "union" must be a voluntary one.
      Lincoln started the decent into feudalism when he used force to 'preserve' a previously voluntary union and enslaved all Americans while pretending to free a small minority.
      Those who insist on their false view of reality must be allowed to go their own way (once they have been shown the objective reality) even though it is surely suicidal.
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      • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 2 months, 2 weeks ago
        Yes, it is suicidal but my view of the prevalence of the woke has changed after seeing that most of the population is not like that at all...I have served at least 5000 customers in the past 3 months at my new job and the odds are 1 to 4999 awake and living in reality...it's really refreshing to experience.
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      • Posted by $ 2 months, 2 weeks ago
        “Those who insist” yes my wife and I have discussed the con seQuences of denying reality.
        We both agree that weak minds, because they refuse to use them is not a legitimate reason to forgive or make amends. In many personal relationships, Respect is lost and they can all kiss my ass.
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        • Posted by 25n56il4 2 months, 2 weeks ago
          Odd you using that phrase D. I just sent an email to someone telling them to 'Kiss Butt'. That is totally unlike me but I despise Terrorists. May they all meet in the same place.
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  • Posted by $ 2 months, 2 weeks ago
    Q is not a story about reality, Q is information. People have taken information from Q and incorporated it into their broader mental map of reality. Because people start with necessarily different maps of reality, and interpret new information based on their own maps, the stories they construct about reality will vary in different ways. There is nothing unusual about this. It is far more unusual for billions of people to force themselves to agree with all elements of the Central Narrative when the Authoritative Source commands them.

    People engaged with reality do not discriminate in the sources of information about reality. They will follow whichever information maps onto reality if the information facilitates their understanding of higher truths. Some people attempt to do this with astrology or tarot. Others use meditation or ayahuasca. Some use Q posts.

    Why has one source of information about reality been designated too dangerous to allow? People who draw information from Q posts do not believe Q is the complete source of information about reality, it is only one among many.

    People who follow Q posts do not ever see Q posts as the Highest Truth. Q information is or is not a fragment of truth about reality. It maps onto reality or it does not. It facilitates the pursuit of a higher truth, or it does not.

    The extent to which Q is incorporated into one’s story about reality is one’s own choice and, ultimately, an act of faith. My research and my thinking have brought me to conclusions I share with many people in the Q community and the broader truth community. I am told I should reject these conclusions because very bad people have arrived at the same conclusions. I should abandon my own map of reality and accept the Official Story of the Authoritative Source as told by The News. I should do this to impress people better than me. I should do it to be accepted. I should do it because if I don’t, I must be removed from the Party of False Decorum.

    Because the range of beliefs in the Q community and the broader truth community is infinite, I have agreements and disagreements with all of them, most likely. We disagree because I’m me, and they’re them. This used to be how normal people interacted. I’m not committed to their set of beliefs any more than they are committed to mine. Should we not try to understand each other?

    No one is required to believe Q. The goal is to convince people to abandon the Central Narrative and engage with reality, to wake up. Because the Central Narrative is a lie. Because the lie is hurting everyone, including those still sleeping
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  • Posted by $ Abaco 2 months, 2 weeks ago
    One question I have. Who is going to actually carry out the perp walks? Q has mentioned that there'll be many, right? Who's going to be the guy putting the shackles on them and walking them out? That's the big mystery.... Q tells us that I'm I'm listening again... Hint: If it ain't you and me it ain't happening...
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    • Posted by $ 2 months, 2 weeks ago
      Please show me where Q said there would be many perp walks. I love how people who have not done any research assume they know what Q said.
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      • Posted by $ Abaco 2 months, 2 weeks ago
        Q said justice was coming in what I read. Maybe I just didn't wait long enough.
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        • Posted by $ 2 months, 2 weeks ago
          Yes justice is coming. It will be done legally and it will be beyond a shadow of a doubt that these satanic luciferian Globalist pedo files will be finished.
          Take a view from 40,000 feet. They have lost the narrative, Durham is proving criminal collusion to effect the takedown of our country. Hunters dealings , Ukraine , election fraud , they are losing every which way. It is not over yet. In many ways it is just the start.

          Barr/Durham working in secret?
          Senate working openly?
          'Value' of public learning the truth prior to i_unseal?
          Propaganda_push failing.
          TRANSPARENCY & Accountability is the only way forward to save the Republic.
          This is not another 4-year election.
          Game theory.
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  • Posted by $ 2 months, 2 weeks ago
    Find deeper truths in the interconnectivity of the world allows us to draw a more cohesive map of reality, which allows us to considering meaning. Finding higher meaning draws us closer to what truly matters to us. It is where our moral decision-making comes from. Our lives were not meant to be seen as a series of distinct events, the set of Data about us.

    When we allow our lives to become Data sets among many other Data sets, disparate and without meaning, we subject ourselves to the rule of What is Good for Everyone, as told to us by people better than us, because people better than us have access to all the Data. We are given some Data, occasionally, but with it comes the prescribed, acceptable meanings, according to the Authoritative Source. The News compiles and filters the Data and prescribed, acceptable meanings, composing the Official Story. Perpetually accepting the Official Story strips events of their meaning. Without the search for meaning, there is no morality, no humanity. The Official Story is, at all times, a distortion of meaning, even when the Data coincides with empirical reality.

    Stories about reality have facilitated our understanding of higher truths since the dawn of humanity. Stories that map onto reality are extremely useful, and they are told over the course of generations because they constitute the most important lessons of those who came before us.

    Science, history, religion, philosophy, art, and one’s own experience of reality are all stories about reality that can facilitate understanding of higher truths. The stories are true insofar as they are convincing. The stories are convincing because they map onto a broader understanding of reality. They fit within a higher and broader understanding of what is true.

    No one in the truth community claims that any human will ever reach a perfect understanding of everything.

    The belief in the possibility of a perfect human understanding of everything is longed for by Worshippers of the Authoritative Source. They long for a perfect understanding because nothing makes sense to them anymore, everything is lie. They would rather eat crickets and hope to merge with machines than admit that people not like them were right about everything.

    The Central Narrative is the only story about reality that matters to Worshippers of the Authoritative Source, and The News is how people like them confirm that they are still aligned with what the Authoritative Source requires. Very smart people in the false reality understand people like them are too busy to figure out all the important things. The News is there to gather the critical facts and draw the one true map of reality for them, informed by The Science.

    Life is made better by living in accordance with what the Authoritative Source requires. For a time, American life became ever more comfortable for a great many people. It still is, according to The News. The system works!

    The News gives us data to explain how some things might be working while other things might not be. The News tells us what our smartest path forward should be, to finally get everything working perfectly once and for all. And when has The News ever failed us?

    The News is understood by some to be the Official Story about reality, told honestly, as it happens in real time. The Official Story should be accepted because it is handed down from the Authoritative Source. Because the Authoritative Source cannot be expected to be perfect, the Official Story is always subject to change in whatever way the Authoritative Source decides.

    The Official Story is only a story among other stories, information among other information. Because The News tells a story about reality that consistently fails to map onto reality, The News should be abandoned. Instead, the Authoritative Source demands we abandon our map of reality.
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