Absolute Proof of Devolution. CheckFuQingmate!

Posted by $ Dobrien 2 months ago to History
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With a clip of the Fox News interview on Hannity with Kash Patel and Chris Miller.

On that clip, Brian Cates wrote the following:

“Very interesting clip of former Secretary of Defense Chris Miller & Kash Patel.

First, both Kash & Miller appeared to liken current times to WWIII - it’s the anniversary of D-Day, which in and of itself is interesting.

Second, Miller says he and Kash have been separated to “make sure there wasn’t an appearance of collusion”.

Third, Chris Miller revealed that they were meeting with POTUS on January 4th to discuss a foreign threat. What could that be? After the election? 👀”

They BOTH appear, and Miller explained that they had been kept separate to avoid the appearance of collusion. If PatelPatriot wants any more proof for his Devolution idea, this is a huge pointer: it shows there IS a concerted effort, behind the scenes, that directs, still, the actions of these two public servants from Trump’s administration. Can we even say ‘former’ members, given that they are still under orders?

And think about it: collusion? In order to do what, exactly? Trump had lost, right, and those 2 are now out of a job? So what on earth could they be seen ‘colluding’ about? Except, if there was indeed a mission they both were STILL working on, from different angles… That this comes out today, shows that something has changed, and that danger of perception is now minimal or no longer existent!

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