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Does Your Company NEED PAGE ONE Search Engine Exposure?
Just Pay for Results. I can deliver.

Your company, products, services and brand on Page One for your buyer search phrases.
You get sales exposure where your buyers search and I push your competition off the first page.
You pick the phrases.
Give me the product/service/company details.
You only pay for results. Guaranteed.

$3 per Page One position achieved and defended per month in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
You pay nothing for listing on other pages.
4 month term minimum. Use me when you need me.
You set the monthly budget. $200/mo minimum.

Email the following details to me
I will get back to you:

Company Name
Product or Service You want to promote
What Buyers do you want me to target?
The City, State or Industry where Buyers Are Located
Your Web Site URL
25 or more Search Phrases You Want Targeted

I recommend smart phrases that Buyers will actually use to find products and suppliers in their area... like:
"Best Contractor for ????? in Denver"
"Top Dealer for ???? in Boston"
"Best Selection of ???? in Omaha"
"Most Reliable ????? in Cleveland"
"Best Price on ???? in Tampa"
"Best Service on ???? in Tacoma"

$200 deposit against provable results in advance
Cash - Check or Make Offer to Trade

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