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  • Posted by $ Abaco 2 years, 1 month ago
    Nice picture. I think I'll gouge my eyes out now...
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    • Posted by 2 years, 1 month ago
      That’s Klaus Schwab ... he is the founder of the World Economic Forum. The Great Reset is being orchestrated by him. He has said you will own nothing and be happy. He trained many world leaders for this, including French Prime Minister Macron, Canada’s Trudeau ,
      Washington Gov Inslee , California Gov Newsome
      Mark Zuckerberg to name a few.
      Anyone associated with him should immediately
      be suspended and investigate their potentially treasonous behavior by a non compromised law enforcement agency.
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  • Posted by tutor-turtle 2 years, 1 month ago
    I watched mules Saturday night. The sound was good, the video feed was extremely glitchy from start to finish. Halting for a second, sometimes many seconds of a frozen picture. Clearly The Agency is not pleased.
    That said: the indisputable video evidence and Whistle-blower testimony prove beyond a shadow of doubt the election was stolen, the theft organized at a very high level (if not the very top) hundreds of millions of dollars would have been needed (Zuck-a-bucks) to have pulled this off and very high-level coordination. For example: when the FBI traced illegal ballots to individuals finger prints, the very next day ALL the mules across the country were wearing gloves. Not even 24 hours later. That is a well-oiled fraud machine indeed.
    Using the very highest screening standards Dinish and his team limited the program to 2000 mules, just these few were all it would have taken to have tossed the election. Extrapolating further: still being very conservative, the estimate is over 54,000 mules, in just the five swing states, were employed and paid very well for their treason. Minus 54,000 mules the election would have swung so massively to Trump (he did win) by the biggest landslide in world history.
    The Geo-fencing and GPS tracking techniques revealed so much more than massive voter fraud. Many of these seditious traitors were traced back to being present at the 2017-18 riots. Several were traced to drive-by shootings, including one were a little 8-year-old black kid was shot in the head while riding his bicycle and subsequently died. The evidence was brought to the local police and a successful arrest was made.
    These ayeholes are the type of human garbage that are denying us our vote.
    We let this stand, you can give up on peaceful protest and calm reason. The knives are coming out.
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    • Posted by NealS 2 years, 1 month ago
      The web is being saturated with disclaimers on the movie, most not worth reading. Here is one that claims, "Lacks Hard Evidence", and even goes on to say, "false assumptions about the precision of cellphone tracking data and the reasons that someone might drop off multiple ballots." "If a cell phone went near a drop box more than 10 times and a nonprofit more than five times from Oct. 1 to Election Day, True the Vote assumed its owner was a “mule”. " Yah sure, in the middle of the night? And this one holds really hold water: "ignores far more likely reasons for glove-wearing in the fall and winter of 2020 — cold weather or COVID-19." Yah, sure, most likely some lefty democrat wears thin plastic gloves to protect themselves from cold weather in the winter, or from Covid. How many Covid freaks have you seen wearing plastic gloves? To me that is just more proof of their stupidity, or actually more proof of their acceptance of treason. Note: the article is not dated nor is anyone claiming authorship.

      Now here is an article that is dated and authored that might be worth reading. I only scrolled through it because it is way beyond anything I can conceive. It's about the demise of man and the ultimate end of the universe. If interested, the lead in article is here:
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      • Posted by tutor-turtle 2 years, 1 month ago
        This will hold water in a court of law as long as the judge is not on the take. Of course they are panicking. Lying through their teeth to cover their tracks. They are looking at long jails terms if this goes to court. Worse the gig will be up for this November. Notice the agency controlled press is saying a new virus is coming that will cause MILLIONS OF DEATHS! So we must have voter-fraud-by-mail, now and forever. I stopped obeying anything the agency controlled press is noisily barking. I do the opposite. It bares remembering, the see-eye-aye has already admitted they have up to 30% presence in every newspaper, tv and radio station that has a news department. That is why what you hear on one propaganda outlet, is repeated, word-for-word on every other shill network.
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        • Posted by 2 years, 1 month ago
          4am daily talking points drop by the Unintelligence agencies.

          Jan 19, 2018 3:23:37 AM EST

          MSM is FAKE NEWS.
          Talking points [4AM] - private email addresses.
          Paid contractors.
          JUDGEMENT DAY.

          Feb 15, 2018 12:25:44 AM EST

          Thank you for showing the world how Clowns pass the narrative to journalists @ 4AM.
          Re_read crumbs re: SecureDrop.
          John Perry Barlow.
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