Spring is for planting seeds. In Time the Truth will water them.

Posted by $ Dobrien 3 months, 2 weeks ago to Education
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Many of you have likely experienced this in your own lives. Ever try to convince a ‘normie’ that there might be more to Russia than meets the eye? How about Pfizer? How about the events of September 11, 2001? JFK? (Well, that last one was so botched by the powers that be that it’s become just about the safest ‘conspiracy’ to discuss in the open.)

No matter what you’ve tried to convince a narrative-absorbing ‘sleeper’ of, you’ve likely encountered immediate and somewhat dramatic resistance. In this way, on a micro level, breaking down walls of cognitive dissonance is much more difficult—if not impossible—than simply planting seeds in the consciousness of the subject and waiting for world events—engineered or otherwise—to water them.

In short, you don’t need to defend or argue a concept or position in order to introduce it into the mind of a subject.

Relating this back to the crisis at hand, Russian patriots and their allies don’t necessarily need their version of said narratives to be argued BY the media, social or otherwise, at least not now. They simply need the concept to be argued IN the media.

Humans are emotional creatures. Most are far more emotional than logical. The Controllers understand this, which is why the corporate press does everything in its power to first traumatize and later massage narratives into that vulnerable normie hive mind. But when they are met with storms of chaos they did not engineer … when narratives are formed on the fly and in a panicked state, then the media makes mistakes, and cracks begin to form in the manufactured narrative.

We’re seeing that in the current situation. The media reactions to Putin’s timely and direct maneuvers have caught the Deep State by surprise. Rather than carefully crafting a sturdy, tall and nearly impenetrable wall of cognitive dissonance for normies, there’s nothing but a thin veneer of barely-contained threads forming a cracked and cracking narrative eggshell over any number of inconvenient truths slipping out like sprung leaks from Ukraine.

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 3 months, 2 weeks ago
    The people who hate Trump would probably make something else of this tender moment. Not me. I liked him from the first. He reminded me of my dear father although my guy was a half-breed American Indian (Comanche). He was tough and tender. I was sure that song 'I Did It My Way' was written about my father.
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  • Posted by $ Abaco 3 months, 1 week ago
    Yeah, there are so many cracks in the narrative nowadays. And, I know a lot of idiots who are taking it hook, line and sinker. What's wrong with these people? The latest is the Edwards' "leaked" document on abortion. Give me a break. It's just the next shiny think to try to build some support for the flailing Dems in the mid-terms. What's next? Us joining the Ukrainians in the war?
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    • Posted by $ 3 months, 1 week ago
      This concept of consciousness seeding can be applied to virtually all aspects of this ongoing information war. So then, let’s apply the concept of consciousness or narrative seeding to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis and all its spiderwebbed fallout, and let’s see if we can turn some current negatives into future positives.

      If we are indeed watching the unfolding of the greatest story ever told, what better way to ramp up the second-act tension than with one final and desperate barrage of enemy lies?

      Now then, in Ukraine, what is the macro war being waged and what are its ends, apart from the purely strategic? We’ve all seen the videos—both real and largely doctored or misrepresented—enough to know that there is a psychological war being played out on a global stage. While it may seem like Ukraine, and by extension, globalist interests are winning this narrative war, the other side may be playing a longer game, planting seeds that, once flowered, will form a latticework that ensnares the invisible enemy in too many simultaneous traps to escape. Remain still, and they are paralyzed, and therefore, defeated. Twist and thrash, and they’ll tear themselves apart on the thorns their barbed lies have sprouted.

      What does this narrative counter-maze look like? Remember when I said Putin and Trump are better storytellers than the Deep State? What stories are they currently telling?

      First, the tactical battles being won by Russia, and therefore, by sovereignty include the direct exposure of almost hilarious levels of Ukraine corruption, the exposure of President Zelensky as a WEF, Schwabian puppet on strings, the exposure of bloodthirsty war hawks screaming themselves hoarse on both sides of the imaginary aisle in U.S. Congress AND media, the stark reveal of Russian might and therefore, Union weakness, the elimination of very real terrestrial threats to sovereign nations, from Nazi battalions to bioweapons, and much more.

      It's taken just two weeks for Ukraine, rather, the government of Ukraine to be revealed as nothing more than a corrupt eggshell criminal syndicate run by elitist kingpins and guarded by Neo Nazis, and real ones, not the media inventions from Covington Catholic or your occasional Trump rally—battalions who are now finding out what it actually feels like to go to war against fighting men—and Spetsnaz—rather than the innocent children of the Donbas.

      It is true that these truths are fighting through a sea of blaring lies, so much so that Vladimir Putin issued an executive order essentially designating MSM members as enemy combatants—a narrative seed all on its own, and one nearly identical, though far more direct than Trump’s countless references to the very same as the ‘enemy of the people.’

      But, I would argue these same enemies have helped the truth in the long run far more than they’ve hurt it. After all, what better thing to compare a truth to than a corresponding dark mirror of a lie?

      In my view, here are just a few of the many counter-narratives being seeded into the public consciousness due to ongoing events, and likely to be bolstered and enhanced by those to come.

      1) The Collective Arrogance of the West

      Put simply, when even the CIA is saying this entire conflict could have been avoided, you know you’ve messed up big.

      Before we even touch on some of the spicier narratives that have been seeded into the mass collective unconscious of world observers, the surface-level of Russia’s Ukraine invasion has only served to highlight both the stunning arrogance and the resulting incompetence of the West, represented most primely by Germany, the United States, France and the UK via the utter helpless incompetence of NATO and the utter powerlessness—in force or will—to check a seemingly unchained Vladimir Putin.

      There is no putting that genie back in the bottle.

      Normies—most of them—already viewed Russia as evil. Now, however, their comforting illusions of implied, automatic Western morality and globalist security and rationality have been shattered. The world has forever changed as a result of Putin’s grand move, and if it was being pulled toward collectivism inch by greedy, clawing inch through feigned practicality dressed up as morality, the ensuing whipsaw back toward sovereignty and nationalism, even if only to avoid the threat of war, will be swift, violent and long-lasting.

      The beauty is, normies don’t even have to use those evil terms, ‘nationalism,’ or ‘sovereignty,’ if they don’t want to. Pragmatism will be their safety line, which will allow them to preserve their internal sense of moral superiority while lamenting that, next time, it might be best if we just stay out of the whole damn thing.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 3 months, 2 weeks ago
    Go Show, Bro...+1 and many more if the site would let me.

    Now Finish the show with a Viewing of a Special IN THE MEME TYME EDITION...a Memdeo Montage showing how those awakened responded to Trump and where that might take us and those that have been cognitively distant.

    Assembled from the amazing video art of And We Know.
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    • Posted by $ 3 months, 1 week ago
      The unawakened may be tangentially aware of the web of lies the Controllers have weaved for them, but even if they are, their focus remains torn and confused, their would-be righteous rage mute and suffocated, as they cannot see their enemies clearly.

      Ultimately, then, exposing the many crimes of these names is not enough for the bulk of global society, especially in the west. The conditioning is too powerful and too complete. The walls of cognitive dissonance we have discussed in previous entries in the series too sturdy and too tall to breach through fact alone.

      In this way, while the exposure of the sins of the aforementioned names—and many beside them—are necessary, they may ultimately fall short in terms of gaining enough ground to turn the Mind War in the favor of patriots. In the favor of good. There is a lack of widespread recognition for Soros. A lack of threat from Fauci. Overwhelming cognitive dissonance regarding the deeper crimes of the Bidens, not because of the man, but because of the office he occupies in the public consciousness rather than the political ledger.

      Herein we must return to the concept of evil, and think on how we can—how we already are—seeing the aforementioned power players and their retinues be recast under that eternal, heavy cloak.

      Herein I will attempt to turn to narrative framing, consciousness seeding or, the most apt term for the grand strategy at play in the great Mind War, storytelling, to present what I view as a prime cipher patriots have introduced onto the psychological battlefield subtly for a time, and lately, by Vladimir Putin’s bold, clear-minded hand, not so much.
      By focusing the Collective Mind on a singular, far-reaching series of dramatic events on the world stage, Russia has made the Invisible Enemy visible for the first time, even if recognition is slower dawning for many than we would like.

      While the enemies in the Mind War have presented Russia as the prime force guilty of that final and therefore greatest sin that is evil incarnate, Vladimir Putin has offered another. One more ubiquitous than any singular or family name, and one that transcends political parties, ideologies and even generations, and that has touched virtually every culture in the world over the course of the last century.

      The enemy Putin has offered is the Azov battalion. The Black Sun. The ultimate evil in the normie consciousness, and one whose true origins and exploits need not burden the fragile minds of the unawakened, but whose position in the collective consciousness will suffice all the same.

      This is an evil that Soros, Fauci and yes, even the Bidens have mingled with not just in the shadows and in ledgers and back rooms, but in the open. An evil the dreaded middle recognizes by a different name, perhaps more so than any other. And an evil that Putin and Russia are revealing in all its insidious, subversive inglory as their crimes against the women and children of the land they named Ukraine are revealed, story by agonizing story.

      An evil that is four spokes on a wheel.

      I focus on the power of stories. Of narratives. Every story needs a hero. We have a few of those, and those of us in this community can put together an exhaustive casting list of villains, from Klaus Schwab to Hillary Clinton, and yes, George Soros for the more discerning, but sometimes, to engage the public at large, you’ve got to cut right to the heart of the matter. You’ve got to get back to archetypes, some would say cliches.

      In short … you’ve got to expose some Nazis.
      What, then, does the Nazi Regime want, aside from total domination, the advancement of the collective at the expense of the individual and the manifestation of militarized hate taken to historical extremes?

      In the end, Nazis stand for nothing, and want everything. Much like evil.

      While the term has been weaponized too often and in false directions—namely against Trump supporters, nationalist Russians and even Catholic school children—to maintain its full potency, if evil incarnate is the face patriots want the world to associate with the revealed, decaying form of the Deep State with, nothing else will serve in its stead. And the greatest irony of all is that the Controllers have helped us along the path to their own ruination. Ultimately, Naziism, both in the real and in the storied aspects of world lore, is a monster of their creation, and it will be the monster that helps to bring about their demise.

      You see, even if your neighbors, your favored thinkers and even you yourself have been cast as Nazis by the weaponized propaganda arm of the very same, there’s nothing quite like the real thing.
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  • Posted by $ katrinam41 3 months, 1 week ago
    That beautiful image is being shared as I type. I am not a Trump fanatic, but in 2016 he was the only viable choice and he remains the only viable choice unless DeSantis runs. I hope he keeps Florida functioning for a few years yet.
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    • Posted by mccannon01 3 months, 1 week ago
      In the conflict between the commies and what's left of Free America strong freedom state governors are crucial so I hope DeSantis stays in Florida and let POTUS be handled by folks like Trump. At least for a while longer.
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  • Posted by term2 3 months, 1 week ago
    wtf are you talking about ? your post is nearly incomprehensible. If you are saying that russia is not evil, good luck with that one. Ukraine might be evil also, but russia is the one who invaded, not Ukraine
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    • Posted by Lucky 3 months, 1 week ago
      The word term2 is ahistoricism.
      -without history-

      It means looking at just one event, forming a snap judgment and ignoring everything else. As if causes, plans, plots, provocations and manipulations never exist.
      The current Pope, not one of my usual inspirations, got it in one-
      "Russia has been provoked".
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      • Posted by term2 3 months, 1 week ago
        no one is going to invade russia. Russia is doing fine economically now and has no reason to be worried about nato. Invading russia would be absolute folly. Germany couldnt do it sucessfully, and the usa couldnt even invade germany in ww2 without the help of russia.
        Russia is the biggest country in the world, and doesnt need more land. It has great natural resources too.

        Logic says that regardless of what putin says, his actions speak louder than his words. His actions label him an evil aggressor who just wants power and has no problem killing innocent citizens of ukraine who obviously dont want anything to do with russia.

        If putin is not stopped in Ukraine, he will go after most all of europe just like hitler did, and just like putin has written and spoken before.

        I dont see the provocations. Russia has nothing to be concerned about so long as THEY arent the aggressor, which in todays world they appear to be.
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        • Posted by $ 3 months, 1 week ago
          “He has no reason to be worried about NATO” except for the fact that NATO has been reneging on NATO’s expansion. 22 years in power and he has done nothing to try rebuild the former Soviet Union. But now he is going “to go after most all of Europe”. Please tell me to go live in Russia again that’s always a good response.
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