New Bumpersticker (magnet, actually) and Tee: "'Like the Gas Prices? Thank a 'Green'"

Posted by $ DriveTrain 8 months, 3 weeks ago to Business
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Back in 2007 I made a sticker that said "'Like the Gas Prices? Thank an 'Environmentalist.'" And that was when the price-per gallon was "only" nudging up towards something like $4.50 (in CA.) The price I paid one week ago for a gallon of gas was $5.18, and compared to this week (again, in CA,) that was a bargain. There are stations with gas priced at $7+ a gallon!

A reworked version is available, as a car magent, at Zazzle:

Thanks to the "green" cult and its lackeys - the Squatter-In-Chief, his handlers, his Cabinet and the people who populate his political Party - we've seen a critical pipeline project scuttled and domestic oil production squelched. On top of that, these same "green" cultists have succeeded in getting nuclear power plants (the future of power production, if we are to have a future,) shut down from southern California to bOregon to Illinois to Wisconsin to Michigan to Connecticut to New Jersey - a total of 16 nuclear plant shutdowns since 1990. A reduction in power production via nuclear means the slack has to be taken up by other means, including gas plants, which in turn increases the "demand" side of the equation significantly. On top of that are further constrictions the Demo-Socialist Party have dumped upon an already heavily-constricted oil production industry.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine is not only an evasive excuse, it points up handily the folly of allowing government to force American dependence on foreign oil in the first place, from whatever source. Oil is the lifeblood of an industrial civilization (without which industrial civilization most of us would be dead within a month, likely of simple starvation.) Precipitate an astronomical increase in the price of the one thing upon which virtually every element of an economy depends, and you've taken a big step toward shattering that economy. Which is presumably the Democrat-Socialist goal, along with transforming the right to personal transportation and travel into a State-controlled "privilege" and a target for phase-out altogether.

So with the Squatter-In-Chief having driven inflation to Carter-era levels within just six months of his occupying the Oval Office, this forced oil scarcity - intentional, if the "green" Democrat-Socialists' stated goals are taken at face value - is essentially an attack on the people of America, and indirectly an attack on the people of the world at large.

We would be fools if we did not immediately identify the culpable party in this de facto vandalism: the "green" cult. So get these in front of the people, and spread the URLs around!

Some notes on practicality vis-à-vis bumperstickers:

After some three decades' experience with multiple incidents of vandalism in multiple cities, often with love-notes left behind identifying the crime as prompted by apoplectic rage at stickers, I advise against using always-on stickers on your car altogether. It depends on the political climate and level of civility within your particular locale of course, but all it takes is one random collectivist walking by who a.) has an inclination to vandalize and b.) thinks he can get away with it, and your car has damage you have to fix. Which just isn't worth it.

The simple solution is magnetic strips - which allow you to slap the message onto the back of your car when you set out, and pull it off after you've parked. (The only caveat is to always wipe any grit from both the car and the strip before applying it, so as to avoid scratching the paint.)

Attempted vandalism on your body is fortunately far less likely to happen - and something you can counter immediately with some simple self-defense, assuming it's not someone twice your size. So the same design is also available as a tee-shirt here:

Some reference material:

On the moral evil of this "Green" oil crunch -

On the effects the Democrat-Socialist Party's policies are having on oil prices -

A list of all nuclear power plants shut down in the USA, with date, location, etc. -

On the massive gap in new refinery construction (due to hyper-regulation) -

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