Hi. My name is Ilene Skeen

Posted by ilene1208 4 months, 3 weeks ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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I'm very happy to have landed in the Gulch. If you think Objectivism should be easy or at least easier, we agree already!

My video project is to get more people interested in Ayn Rand in 2022. HTTP://ileneskeen.com.

Thanks for having me. Your comments will be welcome.

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  • Posted by $ Commander 4 months, 3 weeks ago
    Welcome to the fray Ilene.
    I'll be blunt, with the understanding, of which I've not encountered in Rand's 'expressive', I deeply care for and of myself. I extend this care [for] others and, limited to a few individuals under circumstance, [of] others. "By my life and love [of] it....."

    My practiced objective awareness and conceptualization began with Tao. Witter Bynner's; The Way Of Life According To Lao Tzu, 1944, has been companion for 45 years. Only Rand's "The Objectivist's Ethics" has added and enhanced. "Why does man need values"? Life needs values...from the essay. This has been companion for 8 years. 10 years ago I began reflecting on The Dec of Ind and how it compared to the US Const. and The Universal Dec. of Human Rights (UN). All have huge subjective holes for expressing "right relations" between humans. I started applying The Objectivist's Ethics and found holes in Rand's awareness or a lack of synchronized steps conjoining her ideas. Notwithstanding I took up the task of critical reasoning to codify in a hierarchy of steps that I can begin hierarchically teaching to the very young, 7-9 years old.

    This all begins with: What am I? I am life. Life has distinct definition from non-life. The purpose of Life is continuity...all life.
    Life experiences It's Self through comfort/discomfort and happiness/unhappiness mechanisms, depending on complexity of the organism.
    Homo Sapiens (Hominid Wise) are different. Formal language is our unique distinction, along with opposable digits, resulting in conceptualization, utilization, of simple tools as an extension of self. These "extensions" result in less effort to survive. 50,000 years of language based perception/conceptualization activity resulting in Now.

    I refrain from Rand or Objectivism, though I learned so much from the exercise. I immerse myself in objective language based mind-fullness. Word-symbol-metaphor definition and organization from perception-thought to conceptual Mind.

    Happy to make acquaintance with someone who is actively pursuing a solution.

    And a little more. Meta-Mind; Quora; What is the Human Mind?
    Parts 2-4 can be found by scrolling down. https://metamind.quora.com/
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    • Posted by 4 months, 3 weeks ago
      Thank you for your skepticism. It is helpful, even if unexpected from Galt's Gulch. If you had given evidence that you have seen the videos on ITOE and found them wrong or stupid, I would want to know what you found as wrong or stupid. Thanks for your input. I have no other answer for you. Thanks again for providing this site.
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