Part 2 Year end Bakers Dozen #6

Posted by Dobrien 1 year, 11 months ago to Pics
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Operation Paperclip and it’s offspring.
Think of Justin Castro Trudeau....Same game different Tyrant.

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  • Posted by $ allosaur 1 year, 11 months ago
    Was not surprising seeing Birmingham 15 minutes away from where I live being the #5 most violent USA city.
    People have been dropping like proverbial flies on the local news.
    There were shell casings strewn all over one murder scene just today.
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    • Posted by $ Commander 1 year, 11 months ago
      The top five violent need: https://www.mnfurs.org/community/help...
      Minnesota can save the Fworld!

      THE FURRIES!!!
      "Furries come in all ages and sizes, from pre-teens and teenagers to those who have children and even grandchildren. For each person, what it means to be furry will get a different answer, much like with sports fans asked why they enjoy playing or watching a game. "

      "The Furry Community
      One of the biggest and most important things about furries is that they do form communities, both in regional senses (statewide) as well as smaller groupings, such as cities or friend groups. This is a community not just in how people come together, but in that it gives members a sense of belonging."

      "Escapism and Coping with the Real World
      Many parents worry about their child using furry and the furry community as a form of escapism, a way to avoid problems. While that can happen, the way the furry community is today makes that harder to be the case.

      Furries today come from all walks of life, they’re not just young, poor, starving artists. Many of our members are highly productive and successful members of society as a whole. While some members do fulfill that stereotypical starving artist quotient, many members run their own businesses, work as lawyers, nurses, veterinarians, engineers, developers, and more. Many have hobbies in addition to the furry community, such as photography, sports, robotics, or board/card gaming. These people often seek each other out at our get togethers and form fast friendships, exposing members to more than just other furries. We even sometimes do events talking specifically about things such as photography, managing a business, or fursuit making!

      Many of our members in the Minnesota Furs community came together when they were your child’s age, or not much older. Many suffered at school; teasing, bullying, and all the vagaries of the unkind that can crop up in that environment. Many members are happy to share with newcomers, young and old, their various coping techniques, and ways that they can address this. It helps, both unintentionally and intentionally, to empower people to face the outside world with new tools and knowledge to face those whom don’t want to understand."

      Ringside at Universe 25
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 1 year, 11 months ago
    We are seeing people openly wearing guns in our town. With the 'Open Carry' thingy, it's not usual and people don't even seem to notice it or give it a second look. I told my son-in-law his jeans were baggy and he pulled out an impressive item. We'd been shopping and going to lunch. Catfish were good.
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  • Posted by evlwhtguy 1 year, 11 months ago
    Picture 5 appears to be a red herring......Geli Raubal died without having any known children.

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    • Posted by 1 year, 11 months ago
      Thanks for your fact check.
      I don’t create the memes I just post em.
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      • Posted by evlwhtguy 1 year, 11 months ago
        Who knows how good a Wikipedia citation is....but the post was too good by far and so really jumped put at me. ....the world is a small place....but it isn't that small!

        I think in her case it would be a better and more realistic trope to have a timeline that connected her to Lenin....she seems more a commie than a Nazi......although....both are socialist systems. I think a very important thing to remember here is that this frigging woman has no children....so what does she care about letting in all the huddled masses of jihadis just so she can get her maid for a good price. When she is dead...she is dead....she has no progeny to protect and as a result Germany will not be for the Germans any more.
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  • Posted by $ katrinam41 1 year, 11 months ago
    Symbol comparisons are clever and chilling. My alpha decorations are still up, didn't do the delta or omicron. :) Each day this world gets creepier and stranger. Your memes are capturing the unease and weirdness so widespread and yet so subtle. It sets people's teeth on edge and raises the hairs on their necks and they can't quite put a finger on the reason why. Although our daily force-feed of slime makes us gag, there's more going on out there than most can consciously realize, thus that pit of the stomach unease. Deer in the headlights all too soon.
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