Nothing can stop what is coming!

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Nov 19 Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial ends
Nov 19 Andrew Coffee IV’s trial ends
Nov 22 Ahmaud Arbery’s death trial ends
Nov 29 Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial👈
Nov 29 Jussie Smollett’s trial
Nov 30 Kim Potter’s trial
Dec 01 Roe v Wade heard at Supreme Court


Jeffery Epstein’s flight logs leaked
Nov 29 Barbara Sampson, person who ruled Epstein’s death was a suicide, resigns
Nov 30 The first big witness is Larry Visoski, the pilot for Jeffery Epstein. 1000+ flights (⏰ 2:15)
Dec 01 CIA committed pedophilia on children and is still covered up; files were released
Dec 03 Epstein’s “Little Black Book” Debuts in court. CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s wife’s name, address, office and phone number appears in book! 😱
Dec 06 FBI involved in Maxwell case. Nudes of young girls found in 2019 July
1993 - 1995: Epstein visted the Clinton White House 17 times

🔥The Real Reason Operative CNN Chris Cuomo Fired! Cristina Greeven Cuomo & Andrew Cuomo removed

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