Fortitude of Reason

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This will be presented by a young woman of a family whom have "adopted" me within the last year.
To be presented at City Council in opposition to an EDI proposal by the Mayor.

In the last few week, a family member of mine had a knock at the door by an immigrant from Nicaragua that recently just moved here. He speaks very little English. This young man came to him looking for a place to live because the people that helped him move here, left him behind.
Now, I have my concerns about who we are letting into our borders. Do they have diseases? Do they have a criminal background? Are they willing to accept our laws & our Constitution? Will assimilation be accomplished?
When I see this young adult from Nicaragua that just moved here, I honestly couldn't help but smile because he was just SO full of good spirits. WOW. Here is an immigrant who has never before been to or had the privileged opportunity to live in THE FREEST Country in the world!
He found himself a job and a place to live literally overnight. This just proves that discrimination isn't as prominent as we are led to believe. There are great American business owners and leaders that are willing to help someone build their foundation in a new world. There is no such thing as economic determinism in America because this is the land of the free! It does not matter your origin or if your English is poor. If you want to do something, go do it! It matters not the color of your skin, but the contents of your character.

I do not support some of the vocabulary that is drafted in this Resolution.
My concerns are the vocabulary of this Resolution will enable victimhood mentality which may have some devastating side effects, such as avoiding self responsibility.

If you look on the 2nd page under EDI Committee membership, it states: "Committee members have lived experience in identifying as and belonging to under-resourced, under-represented, and/or marganilized communities."

That means only a certain class of people could be a member. This committee would be demonstrating the very thing it claims it is determined to end. We can't end discrimination with discrimination.
Will this committee be subconsciously creating victors or victims by having to identify as under-resourced & under-represented in order to be a member?

This new immigrant I met, took the liberty in himself to pursue exactly what he needs without the helping hands of anyone else. This, is empowering and I hope these words flourish the minds of every soul that hears this. Do not fall for the Utopian philanthropy.
There is no economic determinism in America. This is a great Country under our Constitution with gloomy history, but after a storm comes a rainbow.
What you tell yourself, so you will become.
If you think you can, you're right. If you think you can't, you're also right.

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