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Posted by $ Commander 6 months, 3 weeks ago to Philosophy
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This will be presented by a young woman of a family whom have "adopted" me within the last year.
To be presented at City Council in opposition to an EDI proposal by the Mayor.

In the last few week, a family member of mine had a knock at the door by an immigrant from Nicaragua that recently just moved here. He speaks very little English. This young man came to him looking for a place to live because the people that helped him move here, left him behind.
Now, I have my concerns about who we are letting into our borders. Do they have diseases? Do they have a criminal background? Are they willing to accept our laws & our Constitution? Will assimilation be accomplished?
When I see this young adult from Nicaragua that just moved here, I honestly couldn't help but smile because he was just SO full of good spirits. WOW. Here is an immigrant who has never before been to or had the privileged opportunity to live in THE FREEST Country in the world!
He found himself a job and a place to live literally overnight. This just proves that discrimination isn't as prominent as we are led to believe. There are great American business owners and leaders that are willing to help someone build their foundation in a new world. There is no such thing as economic determinism in America because this is the land of the free! It does not matter your origin or if your English is poor. If you want to do something, go do it! It matters not the color of your skin, but the contents of your character.

I do not support some of the vocabulary that is drafted in this Resolution.
My concerns are the vocabulary of this Resolution will enable victimhood mentality which may have some devastating side effects, such as avoiding self responsibility.

If you look on the 2nd page under EDI Committee membership, it states: "Committee members have lived experience in identifying as and belonging to under-resourced, under-represented, and/or marganilized communities."

That means only a certain class of people could be a member. This committee would be demonstrating the very thing it claims it is determined to end. We can't end discrimination with discrimination.
Will this committee be subconsciously creating victors or victims by having to identify as under-resourced & under-represented in order to be a member?

This new immigrant I met, took the liberty in himself to pursue exactly what he needs without the helping hands of anyone else. This, is empowering and I hope these words flourish the minds of every soul that hears this. Do not fall for the Utopian philanthropy.
There is no economic determinism in America. This is a great Country under our Constitution with gloomy history, but after a storm comes a rainbow.
What you tell yourself, so you will become.
If you think you can, you're right. If you think you can't, you're also right.

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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 6 months ago
    ThanQ Commander , you have very eloquently stated what is possible with freedom. That is what all these politicians should be doing is ensuring the beautiful system under the constitution continues . They should focus on how to enable freedom and equally enforce laws. The economic acts should all be to encourage lower costs and increased production. Don’t Tread on Me!
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    • Posted by $ 6 months ago
      You'll like this more. On Tuesday I serve the school board members (seven individuals) the following:

      Manitowoc Public School District
      City, State, Zip

      Re: Freedom of Information Act Request
      With respect,

      This is a requirement under the Freedom of Information Act, The Sunshine Act, and, Open Records Law Wisconsin Statute 19.21 et seq.
      I require that a photocopy of the following documents be provided to me:
      • A photocopy of your Public Official surety bond that is required by the state of Wisconsin under Title 19.01 Oaths and Bonds.
      • Title 19.01 (4) (h) The official oath and bond of any officer of a school district or of an incorporated school board shall be filed with the clerk of the school district or the clerk of the incorporated school board for or on which the official serves
      The following reflect terminology under which these Oaths and Bonds may be identified by the clerk.
      • A photocopy of the governing board of education blanket surety bond if your board requires the members to be bonded under a blanket bond.
      • A photocopy of your Errors & Omissions (E&O), a Surety Liability Insurance policy, and the Duty of Care policy if applicable.
      • A photocopy of your school board General Obligation Bonds if applicable.
      • A photocopy of your general long term bond for the school board if applicable.
      • A photocopy of your school board Crime Policy if applicable.
      • A photocopy of your Risk Management Policy if applicable.
      • A photocopy of the following documents if applicable:
      o ACORD 125
      o ACORD 126
      o ACORD 127
      o ACORD 128
      o The documents should indicate the policy number and the insured amount of the policy.
      o A photocopy of the Certificate of Liability if applicable.
      • Public Officials and/or any other bonds pertaining to proof of liability and policies. **Based on any and all loses of financial responsibility due to negligence or dishonesty. Any and all based on the contract of terms and conditions.
      • A photocopy of the Faithful Performance Bond if applicable.
      • A photocopy of the Fidelity Bond if applicable.
      • A photocopy of the Public Employee Dishonesty Policy if applicable.
      • A photocopy of the Public Employee Blanket Bond if applicable.
      • A photocopy of the Statutory Bond if applicable.
      • A photocopy of the Official Bond if applicable.
      • A photocopy of the power of attorney for the surety bond company.
      • A photo copy of the Blanket Bond power of attorney for the surety bond company if applicable.
      • A photocopy of your oath of office.

      I am a private citizen seeking information concerning your public official surety bond that you are required by the state of Wisconsin to obtain before swearing the oath of office.
      Wisconsin Title 19.01 Oaths and Bonds (2) Form of Bonds: (a) Every official bond required of any public officer shall be in substantially the following form:
      We, the undersigned, jointly and severally, undertake and agree that …., who has been elected (or appointed) to the office of …., will faithfully discharge the duties of the office according to law, and will pay to the parties entitled to receive the same, such damages, not exceeding in the aggregate …. dollars, as may be suffered by them in consequence of the failure of …. to discharge the duties of the office.
      Dated …., …. (year)
      Public Official Surety Bond requests fall under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552, The Sunshine Act 5 U.S.C. § 552b, Open Records Law Wisconsin Statute 19.21 et seq., and by law you are obligated to supply me with this information.
      Please supply me with this information in the next (72) hours. You are required by law to give a copy of your official bond if a person requests this copy.

      Witness / Notary Public Witness

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      • Posted by $ Dobrien 6 months ago
        Oh baby, you have got me smiling! I hope someone videos this. I feel that I might have got the ball rolling in a way for this action. The Qreat Awakening.
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        • Posted by $ 6 months ago
          I sent this out for review amongst my contacts. Have a return, with edits, that give it more "teeth", codified in more legal construct.
          I'm actually hoping to be physically barred from the premises. This constitutes obstruction of a lawful action. I can then throw down 21US 360bbb, 42 US Title II and Title III and ADA "Threat". This is all about Jurisdiction vs Rights. I cannot be deprived or Right without due course of law. They have no Judgement from a court (jurisdiction), to deprive of Rights. [WE] all must begin this educational process to protect out future.
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          • Posted by mccannon01 6 months ago
            Whew, Commander, I'm in awe. I think you have just shown the beginnings of the web of legal entanglement bureaucrats and certain lawyers have woven over the decades and the only way to beat them is become familiar with what they've done to cover themselves and ensure position security and use it against them. What a mess.
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            • Posted by $ 6 months ago
              This has been put aside in teaching. We have trusted "others" far too long. Most lawyers don't know or understand this.
              When I run for school board, or tip my hat for Superintendent of Schools, I intend to bring this forth as a required course of studies.
              I have around 200 hours studying in these specifics this past 6 months. Guessing around 1000 hours during a lawsuit I filed in 2012. All this can be deftly applied in court in a matter of 20 minutes, under proper conditions and procedure.
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