Reasoning, Woke Style - and Our Future

Posted by $ Abaco 1 month, 3 weeks ago to Culture
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I had one of those moments of clarity I often have in the shower in the morning. Two memories came to my mind. My son and I watched as the citizens in Sacramento tore town a statue of John Sutter and cheered. My son asked, "Dad, why are those people cheering?" Not one to waste a teachable moment I said, "Son, those people think their lives will be better with that stature gone. Do you think they're right?" "No, dad."

Within a year of that happening my son came home from school and said there was a poster of Mau Tse Tung on the wall in his history class. See the irony? Of course you do. I was tired of raising my son in California because of this bullshit. Next semester he's going to school in another state. In the grand scheme of things I don't know how a society can expect to last or even move forward with the kind of reasoning I'm seeing from these people. Imagine if they get their way. So far they are. I'll be watching it all collapse from my own Galt's Gulch.

In another moment of clarity considering all this it dawned on me that the nation may end up being split up into a patchwork - some states choosing communism and some choosing capitalism. I think that's the simplest conclusion (even though it's not simple).

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