IN THE MEME TYME 10/09/21 EDITION: Stab Back Better

Posted by $ Olduglycarl 2 months ago to Humor
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Even after Death, They'll stab you in the back!

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  • Posted by $ 2 months ago
    At first, after weeks end poor meme showing, I was reluctant to post these memes I'd collected this week. That is until I realized that Back Stabbing is exactly what we have seen more and more over the past few months. All these lower participants in The Big Lie, the faux plandemic, the Presidential Steal and the constant previously hidden lies and corruption are stabbing their accomplices in the back...even after death, they reach out of the coffin to Stab Back Better.
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    • Posted by $ allosaur 2 months ago
      Backstabbing is what Dems do to their own voters. That most especially includes RINOs. Richard Shelby of my state of Alabama made me particularly disgusted for joining Turtle McConnell's cave to the Democrats crew this week.
      About to retire, this Tricky Dicky with a completed successful career tin-horn politician was no longer afraid to show his true colors.
      He showed me dino's his when I was an underpaid reporter during the Seventies. Shelby was just a state senator back then and Tuscaloosa was in his district.
      There the Indian Rivers Mental Health Center was taking gobs of state money while its founder was running the center into the ground out of sheer incompetence.
      I began to learn all the hows and whys on the day I took a photo of the boss of a second floor satellite office in a rural county. The maqn was fed up and resigning out of protest. In the photo he was holding a rope. The Indian Rivers founder told him to use that rope for a requested fire escape should any staff and patients there need it for emergency. That photo and an article I wrote made the front page for the lead story.
      Since that center was taking a lot of money from Alabama, I tried to discuss the matter with Senator Shelby. I was well into telling him what was going on when he cut me off, saying, "I support mental health" and hung up on me. It dawned on me what for. He was more concerned with the possibility of a political opponent or Mr. Incompetence accusing him of not supporting mental health than all that state money being mishandled and wasted.
      Long story short, I had written quite a few articles about Indian Rivers while it took about a year for the director's underlings to make Dr. Frankenstein go away so his creation would no longer be a monster.
      Me dino was invited to a celebratory dinner in Tuscaloosa where a federal inspection team announced that improvements at the center was "the difference between night and day."
      And all without ambitious career politician fraidy-cat Richard Shelby's help. Well, that RINO made it to his big fat federal pension after all.
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  • Posted by $ Abaco 1 month, 4 weeks ago
    Very good ones there! Yeah, stab back better...

    The one about Afghanistan and where the buck stops is still too painful for me to laugh. Truth be told...nobody knows where the buck stops with this guy. They point to the border patrol on horseback with "whips" as though Trump is still in office. It's like me ranting and raving about how tall my own grass is getting. What a mind-F*&K
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