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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 5 days, 3 hours ago
    Ayn Rand once said that she was not a conservative; in fact, she used to put both the words
    "conservatives" and "liberals" in quotes; I think she was implying that neither group was really what it claimed to be.
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  • Posted by $ katrinam41 4 days, 11 hours ago
    All those places I loved and lived are no longer safe, either for free movement or free speech. Seattle is a cesspool of progressive slime, Michigan's lower Eastern section is being subjugated to sharia law that spreads like a cancer, there are signs that states like Tennessee are slipping into liberalism. Alaska seems to be holding on in spite of certain congress people, but to live and thrive up there takes more strength and energy than I can muster. Wyoming is barely holding on, same for the Dakotas. Texas is fighting hard against invaders, both from South America and Kalifornia, and that is where I am inclined to go, adding my one quiet little voice to the battle for sanity.
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 1 week, 5 days ago
    I think you have to define it because there are different types of conservatives. I think of it as a bias toward respecting authority and do things that are time-tested and and against new or radical ideas.
    For that definition, I got the nicest "conservative" vibes from the southern suburbs of Salt Lake City, UT, when I passed through there 20 years ago. Thing felt clean. Bars and liquor stores are illegal. Beer is available in the grocery store, but it was much weaker than the same mainstream brands sold in Wisconsin. They have more caffeine free soda and coffee than regular. Most people are religious, although it's the LDS Mormon religion, which is a little different from Christianity, but not radically different.

    I just got a warm vibe that if I were a conservative, suburban Salt Lake City is where I'd want to live.

    It's hard for me to say, though, because I'm more libertarian and would be liberal if the only two choices were a conservative inclination toward old ideas and a liberal inclination toward new ideas.
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