Let The Legal Discrimination Begin!

Posted by $ rainman0720 1 year, 8 months ago to Politics
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(I put this in Politics, as we all know that these vaccine decisions are no longer based on science, but on politics instead.)

To nobody's surprise, the legal discrimination against us--we, the unvaxxed--continues to build momentum.

My wife and I have tickets for a half dozen events between now and Christmas. At least three of those events (with a possible fourth and fifth, since they're indoor events) will be instituting new policies this coming week where in order to gain entry, I will be required to either show proof of vaccination, or a printed lab result (including date and time stamps) showing I am not currently infected with the WUHAN--er, I mean CHINESE--virus. I'll get tested; but no way in hell will I get jabbed.

On a side note, my company has been bitch-slapped, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying the hell out of it. They wanted to institute a policy that says anyone working in office pre-pandemic would NOT be allowed to work full time remotely once they started bringing us back. And in order to come back, we had to upload proof of vaccination. Well, based on today's email, they've backed way off that second stance. They clearly said they are looking for ways to get the un-vaccinated back into the office, but they were still working on the logistics of distancing and masking. (I figure they'll put us in a zoo-like plexi-glass cage in the most remote corner of the building, far away from coffee pots and restrooms, with instructions for everyone else to leave us alone.) On the other hand, if they do get us back into the office, it resurrects my plan to add a second sticker with a snarky saying on my ID badge, one that changes maybe from "un-vaxxed" to "great unwashed" to "your biggest threat", or whatever suits my mood that day.

Oh well. Thank [insert deity here] I'm retiring sometime between March and June next year.

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