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Posted by $ Abaco 11 months ago to History
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I was thinking back about a vivid memory on 9/12. It was in the evening the day after we were attacked and my then-girlfriend (now wife) and I were out in our community. I saw a crowd of about 1000 young people at a local major intersection. They were singing patriotic songs, waving American flags, smiling and waving at honking motorists. It moved me to see all these young people ready to support their nation and go kick some serious ass. I look at what's happened to our nation, and our young people since then and it's clear that we're in decline. It's clear that patriotism is a tool used by the silver-spoon, mushy-butts to get our young people to do their bidding. The first hint was when we invaded Iraq. I thought, "What in the hell are we invading Iraq for?" Then we learned that Bin Laden's kin had been given safe departure from the US by the Bush's. Then, I got to watch on tv as Bush went over and played cricket with the leadership of Pakistan. We killed 1 to 2 million in Iraq. We've seen all the young men back home with missing limbs. Then, recently in Afghanistan... you know. Now, our President is planning to take away your ability to feed your family if you don't take an experimental vaccine. It all happened so quickly.

This is going to be controversial...But, have you ever tried to look at us with the viewpoint of, say, a Paki or Afghani? It's embarrassing. I try not to do it...

That said, I love the idea (or as Biden would say the "eyedeee") of America. I love the Great Generation. Love those who were trying, in their hearts, to fight for our freedoms. And, when I see the film clips of that day I still want to kick ass...

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  • Posted by freedomforall 10 months, 4 weeks ago
    I agree about the young and the decline and the corruption by the treasonous domestic enemies in DC (and Wall St), except I didn't fall for the con.
    I was "patriotic" in 1970 and was eligible to be drafted. I didn't take any college deferment or run away to Canada. I was young and ignorant.
    But I learned over the years.
    The actions of the fedgov haven't been rational based on facts in decades.
    Fedgov agents have killed innocents repeatedly here in America and abroad with no factual justification.
    Fedgov agents have purposely allowed an illegal alien invasion.
    Fedgov agents have fixed elections and placed traitors in high office for many years
    and traitors have become wealthy and powerful.
    I felt sympathy for the innocent victims in the towers in 2001, but I didn't support irrational,
    unconstitutional mass murder by US military in response.
    I hope we realize who the real enemy is, in time to fight and restore our freedom.
    Based on the moronic, irrational flag waving I see in response to Afghanistan, I am not optimistic.
    Throwing away the lives of brave men and women to prop up traitors is tragic and counter-productive.
    That waste has been repeated many times since the 70's and it must stop now.
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  • Posted by mhubb 11 months ago
    i remember those in this nation celebrating as the Towers fell

    i remember the fraud concern from democrats are they continued to sabotage our fight against those that murdered 3,000+ of us

    i now see that the vast majority in this nation does not care about that day, about how happened

    i see this nation being sold out by those in DC, from both parties

    and i weep
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