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Teach your children to read.
Don't worry about what you read, just read.
Same for your children/grandchildren.
Whatever you do spend as much time as you can reading. read about everything.
When I was 4 years old there was a terrible winter and my grandparents spent it with us. My grandfather read everything. He mostly read the bible because he was a Southern Baptist minister but he read all he could. He never read the bible to me or talked to me directly about religion but he spent that winter teaching me to read (and to memorize the multiplication tables so I could say them backwards). We read the complete works of Zane Grey, first with me following and in the end with him listening. It made a great difference in my life. A seaming snag occurred when I went to a grade school in southern West Virginia where most of the students were first or second generation Americans whose grandparents and sometimes parents did not speak English. I survived. I read.
My major in college, Electrical Engineering, did not seem to be based on reading as much as it was on those multiplication tables but I continued to read anyway. Graduate school in business had a lot to do with reading and math but there was something missing.
One day I was introduced to Atlas Shrugged. I was discouraged but intrigued. I read The Fountainhead and We The Living. I was puzzled. I started reading the essays and it began coming together. I finally read OPAR, then I read it again.
I am now 80 years old and I know that I am not very smart because it took me so long but I can say that it is true that there are no contradictions and existence exists. Aristotle knew all that and more over 2300 years ago!

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