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I'm very happy to have landed in the Gulch...the ride was a wee bit bumpy and thank goodness it was a mask free flight!
So, I ended up here because I went to a local constitutional caucus meeting where the county I live in, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, a few folks are organizing to make our county a constitutional sanctuary. A man there wore a hat that had ‘Who is John Galt?’ On it. Being raised by a libertarian mother in the 70’s, she had me read Atlas Shrugged and all the other important reads by Ayn Rand. The hat got my attention and I asked him, where is Galt’s gulch? He said it is here, where we live in Manitowoc County! I live in a rural town 7 miles north in Two Rivers. I guess we are able to be incredibly self-sufficient here as we have Lake Michigan, the East and West Twin rivers and farming and hunting and energy and water treatment plant….anyway, that is when I came home and searched where is Galt’s Gulch and this website came up. 🙂

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