A Couple Thoughts about This Pandemic and The Jab

Posted by $ Abaco 2 months ago to Culture
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I try to look at the big picture...look at things holistically. I think the huge hesitancy for these unapproved covid vaccines only exists for one reason. I think it's because over the past couple of decades the feds completely failed to identify/acknowledge the cause of autism and similar neurological and autoimmune disorders that have taken over our children. Many of us know families who were harmed by these mysterious childhood illnesses. We've heard the stories over and over and over - "Our kid got one or more vaccines in one visit and was never the same." All we've been told, for a couple decades was, "It wasn't the vaccines." Well...don't tell me what it isn't. Tell me what it is. They won't and they can't. And, we know that. If some other cause of this particular facet of health in America was sufficiently addressed and it was something other than vaccines I believe there would be almost zero resistance to these unapproved vaccines be forced on people. Imagine that. In hearing the mountains of anecdotal evidence the government-appointed experts would say "correlation isn't causation". So far I still think I'm the only one to point out that when you have causation it presents itself as correlation.

A lot of people may not be able to put it into words, but deep down in their addled brains they think, "...it has to be both safe AND effective" and these shots appear to be neither! Yet, now it's too late. For all these years there were so many people who accepted the new status quo of a third of your kid's soccer team having asthma inhalers, to peanuts being so deadly you can't bring them on the grounds of your elementary school anymore, of a VAST MAJORITY of the boys in my son's school having neurological disorders. Everything, it seems, come down to our principles - our values. We, as a society, made it pretty clear that children weren't high enough of a priority for us to come together. And, now we're going to pay the price for that. They obviously think they've got us by the short hairs. And, I think they do...as they start to take away one's ability to provide for their families unless they comply. It'll get worse, certainly.

Sorry for the black pill. But, I just don't see this any other way. And, I don't fault people for rolling up their sleeves for this. Until recently they all chose to do it and, in the words of the Prez, "THEY'RE AVAILABLE!". So be it. Me? I'm still waiting for something that I am sure is both safe and effective. I'm pretty close to being satisfied in that regard, too. I still think this pandemic, if history repeats itself, may be all gone by next summer. If so...what then? That should make for some more craziness, unfortunately...instead of peace.

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  • Posted by VetteGuy 2 months ago
    For me the hesitancy was based on the number of ads I see for class-action lawsuits against drugmakers for formerly-approved drugs. Add to that all the hype about this 'wonderful new technology' and the top question became 'what about long-term side effects?' They have not been around long enough to know.

    Then I find out that the drugmakers are shielded from liability ... hmm ... why do they need that? Do they know something they are not saying? Almost certainly.

    The censorship of all questioning or contrary information doesn't help any either. I would like to hear both sides and make up my own mind, but only one side is allowed to be heard.
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  • Posted by $ jbrenner 2 months ago
    All of what you said is why I am funding MY own company to approach the fields of tissue engineering, cancer, and disease from a "Let's quantify the cytokine biomarkers." standpoint. I know that my theory runs counter to what would get funded, especially now. That gives my company enough time to do the proper research without funding real competition, although it does piss me off that my taxes are and will be going to fund "my competition" that I know is going down the wrong path. Abaco, you have talked about joining me. It sounds like you are getting closer every day. Maybe I can become the new Dr. Hendricks.
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  • Posted by mhubb 2 months ago
    "I think the huge hesitancy for these unapproved covid vaccines only exists for one reason"


    we have been lied to for years
    why should we trust any of these liars???

    we now know this whole thig was/is a setup
    we know this was done on purpose

    we know these shots are created using fetal tissues
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  • Posted by term2 2 months ago
    So in the beginning, the vaccine for COVID was supposed to be 85% effective in keeping you from getting COVID, with the implication it gave forever or at last long term protection. That was like 9 months ago.

    Now, its admitted that it wont keep you from getting the infection, but only reduce your chances of hospitalization or death, at least for 6 months from date of last jab.

    Now, its not as effective with this new virus mutation, especially after 6 months.

    Is this going to be the case EVERY 6 months that we "need" a booster shot?

    And now biden is trying to make it mandatory that everyone GET the vaccine. Somehow this seems like more of a power grab than actualy trying to protect people.
    When I did the math, 700,000 people in the USA have died supposedly because of COVID ( not accounting for underlying conditions of course) out of a usa population of about 300 million. Thats about 0.2%. Pretty low.

    I didnt get the COVID for a year before i got the vaccine and still didnt get it for the 6 months after I got the vaccine. Not sure that vaccine did anything.
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    • Posted by $ blarman 1 month, 3 weeks ago
      Data coming out of both the UK and Israel in the last few weeks even casts serious doubt upon the claims that the "vaccines" will keep you out of the hospital, as in those nations - and in the US though they won't report it - more than 60% of the COVID hospitalizations are in "vaccinated" individuals.

      The other thing to note is that if you use their own numbers, we have more people dying in 2021 from COVID when we have 60% "vaccination" rates than we did all of last year when the "vaccines" were just getting started. So clearly, these mRNA gene therapy treatments aren't about protecting people from COVID - and never were.

      PS - the boosters are just as big a scam as the original shots. They're just more money in big pharma pockets.
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  • Posted by chad 2 months ago
    Vaccines used to be dead viruses in saline solution that would alert your body to create T cells that could fight an invasion if one was recognized. Then they began putting in heavy metals and other unknown adjuncts and other problems arose at the same time.
    My friend has a grandson who was normal until he received a vaccination and then became autistic immediately afterward.
    With this new mRNA inoculation that apparently does not offer any protection from said disease (as acknowledged by the claim that you still need to wear a mask and it won't protect you from the uninoculated) having caused more death and health related problems immediately after receiving the jab and modifies the DNA of the recipient in unknown ways, I wouldn't consider it. Knowing who is behind the treatment and their agenda increases my distrust.
    My ex-wife got the jab, immediately suffered from severe shingles, pancreas ruptured in 10 days, doctors discovered she had stage four cancer in all organs and bones within 10 days and is now suffering with skin cancer. I may not like her but I have no desire to see her suffer this way. She is considering the booster while her children try to convince her not to.
    I will not get the vaccine and most of my children and grandchildren will not. One daughter (who believes communism is a good idea) got it and had her sons get it, even though they have had the disease and should have natural immunity. I hope they fair well.
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    • Posted by $ blarman 1 month, 3 weeks ago
      The more I learn about Bill Gates, the more I put him right up there with George Soros as being a completely immoral and despicable human being. FYI: Gates has an open arrest warrant in the nation of India for murder. Yup. Murder. He was personally administering vaccines to young Indian girls that killed some, rendered others sterile, and gave others persistent neurological disorders.

      I think it would be fitting if somehow one of Gates' private flights suddenly had to put down in New Delhi for any old reason. He'd never make it out again.
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    • Posted by term2 1 month, 3 weeks ago
      i had no reaction whatsoever to the first jab. The second jab made my perfectly good ankle joint so sore I could not walk on it for about a day. Since then its been ok. I am extrapolating that on a possible third jab everyone is telling me to get, that side effects will be stronger than on the second jab.

      I have been free of the virus since it was discovered here in vegas, a year without any vaccine and now 6 months with the vaccine.

      Now they tell me that I can still get infected even with their vaccine and I must wear a mack for god knows how long. I am afraid I just dont believe thh fauci fear mongers any more, and I dont think I will that a third jab.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 2 months ago
    My decision was based on the many reactions I have had to drugs, and esp. vaccines before. So, I aksed the pharmacist, and he said they had no idea what the contents or risks were - no list with vaccine. So, I went to website of Pfizer, and found they were no more forthcoming. One mfg. site said, "People will die in the months following vaccine. Expect it. But,'don't blame the vaccine." Period! Now, that sent in into using my biology education to start finding out just what that meant, Italsy, where a doctor was on TV imploring the people to not take it. Autopises in Britain on early vaccine test subjects who ultimately died, which discovered the immune system attacked every organ where the spike proteins had sent the virus! From them it was daily research into FAuci, DARPA, I knew bats were a lie, and why did the vaccine contain graphene oxide nanoparticles? More research. The mroe I learned the more I found that it was connected to one world depopulation, the UN and esp. Biden, Gates and Fauci at fault for it all. So, now I wait for the release of Fauci's release of the MERS virus via the air, sending skin penetrating spike proteins. Or the antibody dependent enhancement which is coming, as the vaccines wipe out the immune system, as verified by head of covid19 taskforce head, and a different virus is sent in to finish us off. UN says 75% of US must be exterminated.
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  • Posted by Lucky 2 months ago
    Yes .. but I have reached a personal temporary decision.
    Do the vaxes work, well clearly, no, but I do not care as I have a choice of things that do work, are cheap, are safe, some are even legal, what may be not quite legal are a few that are very effective.

    The hard part, it may be a pragmatic, cowards way out, but there is force/coercion being applied. So taking one of the vaxes is an easy way out. But which one?

    The only consideration, apart from it being recognized for the purpose, is safety. The bad news is - none of them are safe!
    The simpler the approach appears to be a clue as to relative safety, Sinopharm or Sputnik maybe, the US origin Novavax looks interesting but not yet available, if it is trouble with the regulators that would to me be a recommendation.
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    • Posted by DrZarkov99 2 months ago
      A better way to put it could be which is the least potentially harmful. One hint might be that the CDC, which is only a lukewarm proponent of the booster shot in the first place, supports only the Pfizer vaccine as a booster candidate. What that means for people who've had other vaccines and want a booster, I'm not sure.
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  • Posted by mccannon01 2 months ago
    With you on this, Abaco. Intuition isn't supposed to be scientific, but my childhood was in the '50s and '60s and these things you mention as the new status quo were very rare if heard of at all while I was growing up. Therefore, intuitively I know something has drastically changed in my lifetime for children to be plagued on such a regular basis.

    A quip I heard not long ago, "In my day we lined up for milk and cookies, now the kids line up for medication." Sad.

    "Don't tell me what it isn't. Tell me what it is." Yes!
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  • Posted by $ jdg 2 months ago
    There are plenty of good reasons for hesitancy. The vax makers' insisting on, and getting, full immunity for any effects including death has to be #1. The numerous stories (many with video) of those effects are one. Plus the fact that it was rushed through without adequate testing, and is experimental gene therapy so we don't know what will happen down the road. And then there are the overall death statistics, which (once you filter out the false positive test results) show that Covid has killed fewer people, even at peak, than the flu we get every year. So it was never a real emergency.

    Add that to the vehemence with which authoritarians now demand that we get the shots, and there are no possible explanations that don't constitute malice by them.
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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 2 months ago
    I think you’re right Abaco. This “pandemic” has pretty well expired it’s shelf life. BLM is starting to push back against the vaccines now. Their bogus narrative has completely fallen apart. Safe? Ehhhh maybe...Effective? Most certainly not. At least not as advertised. All the BS is beginning to come back at them. It’s time to uncork the “Murder Hornets” or some fool thing to distract people from the grift. If you’ve held out this long just wait a little while longer. Not to say that the virus isn’t real. Something respiratory killed my two friends. So, I wouldn’t run out and start licking the odd passerby. But, I believe it’s now endemic and very overhyped.

    At somewhere around 750,000 COVID deaths suddenly the flu will be back. Because we can’t have Biden with more dead under his watch than Trump. MSM manipulation has literally become that blatant. Watch for it.
    Anybody else see the press conference where the Black NBA player, who refuses the vax, started asking tough questions back to the reporters? His questions pointed out the hypocrisy of the unvaccinated infecting the vaccinated. And 24 hours later a “study” miraculously appears that says the vaccinated have a lower chance of transmission. My BULLSHIT meter pegged. What timing!
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    • Posted by $ pixelate 2 months ago
      Lots of BS meter pegging going on. Count me as one. Yup... keep your eyes open for more distractions. Honey Bees are supposed to be extinct by now, right? 20 years of news about the disappearing honey bees. Lotta hype and BS.
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  • Posted by $ katrinam41 2 months ago
    It will get worse, Abaco, much worse. Us SS/pension folks will have our funds frozen until we comply. So will anyone receiving any government funds at all, from unemployment to interest on bonds (which will be frozen. Any "un-freezers" out there?). Cash will be outlawed and savings will be seized until every person in this country, in this world will be vaxxed. The rot was so widespread so quickly that it borders on the unbelievable, yet half this country still can't see it (make that WON'T). The world is about ready for your black pill, Abaco.
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    • Posted by CaptainKirk 2 months ago
      Katrina, I think the govt has to be careful. Forcing companies to force employees is one thing. Indirect theft is one thing.

      Direct Theft and Punishment for making up your own mind about your own body... Many in that group, and OUTSIDE that group WILL see that as an act of WAR against the population. Steal my livelihood AND freeze my accounts... You forced me into a corner I must fight to get out of.
      Too bad we can't electronically hijack one of those drones over the US and have it drop a bomb where it gets their attention!
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      • Posted by $ katrinam41 2 months ago
        These slime are too smart to hit us all at once. Piece by piece, dollar, they're busily chipping away at our foundation of responsible freedom, soothing the masses with bribes and promises. There is a study out, done by a Harvard scientist, that says there is no correlation between vaccination percentages and lower cases. That study will never be seen by normal human beings. I hope you are right about the reaction to direct theft and punishment.
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        • Posted by CaptainKirk 2 months ago
          I just read this one:

          And I have faith that the tighter they squeeze, the more normies will see oozing...

          Right now, we are coming into a Brutal Winter. By Late Jan, it should be obvious that the vaccine protected NOBODY. And by June 2022, they will be forced to admit it is endemic, and the countries who are ignoring it are doing fine.

          When their beloved stars drop like flies, or the teachers unions in NY who REFUSE the vaccine... Funny, the Teachers Unions. LMAO... Those teachers should probably get 4x -5x dosing because they deal with those young kids they are destroying...

          The very people teaching our children that they don't deserve rights... Are asking to exercise their own...
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  • Posted by $ pixelate 2 months ago
    I would like to share your optimism of this Plandemic being gone by summer 2022. I really doubt it. TPTB are running the game and it is working -- the color of the ball may change, but they will keep running it down the field (I think there's a sports analogy in there...)

    This vax has not been around long enough to generate numbers for side-effects. Lots of anecdotal claims of negative effects (tons of claims, actually). Add to that all the media-bans on effective treatments to prevent covid and / or its serious symptoms. Now we have the vax mandates. Then you have reports where natural immunity is much more worthwhile than the vax.

    A couple International Climbing vendors now require the Vax (Everest climb for example). I will be working on an End-Run in terms of securing travel in context of natural immunity, we shall see.

    So much of the Social Engineering is designed and implemented to foster fear, weakness, compliance, conceit and dependency. I will have none of it.
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  • Posted by Aurum79 2 months ago
    I for one don't want to get on the Crazy Train of a shot, then a second shot, then a booster, on and on and on, especially since I've likely had all the variants anyway. I'm a human being, Jim, not a pin cushion!
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  • Posted by lrshultis 2 months ago
    "In hearing the mountains of anecdotal evidence the government-appointed experts would say "correlation isn't causation". So far I still think I'm the only one to point out that when you have causation it presents itself as correlation."

    Something is not a cause unless it correlates in all cases. Causation is open ended until a contradiction occurs when some other cause needs be found. Kind of like concept formation by induction. The definition must be inclusive of all the existents (Rand's things which exist) subsumed by the concept. If an exception is found to a definition then it is not a concept.
    Suppose one looks at what causes multiple kinds of cancer. You find that the majority of the cancer cases correlate with using some substance, say water or milk. Does that correlation imply causation? No! One must actually show causation by experiment. Does tobacco use cause cancer? Most tobacco users don't get cancer or any of the many other diseases now blamed on it, until like most such cancers, age clicks in increasing the rate of it. The use of tobacco is not the cause of cancer. Most cancers have no known causes. Of course, you can use one of the several types of causation described by Aristotle to stay away from what is the chemical and/or physical actions resulting in an effect.
    An example is the claim that thimerosal was causing the rising rate for autism. It was removed from childhood vaccines but over many years the rate continues to rise, so even though it was correlated with autism it was shown not to be a cause. The attempt to use the fact that all the autism is caused by too many vaccinations may correlate but is not the cause because only a small number the vaccinated have autism.
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    • Posted by mobius 2 months ago
      Not proven as cause, there is a confounding factor, as yet unidentified.
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      • Posted by lrshultis 2 months ago
        One confounding factor for autism, as with T2D, is the redefinition of the condition. Asperger was a separate disease as in Europe but is now included in the US's 'autism spectrum' with incident rate going ever upward: 1 in 400, 1 in 200, 1 in 150, 1 in 80 as more money is thrown to those who claim to treat it.
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