Hunt for Red October. The Hunters become the hunted.

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Durham Is On The Hunt, Stealth Bombers Can Strike Without Warning, This Is Just The Beginning
More than a year after indicting FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith for altering a CIA email to get the renewal of a fraudulent surveillance warrant on former Donald Trump campaign advisor Carter Page, prosecutors working for Special Counsel John Durham’s office surfaced briefly to indict a top lawyer at the Democratic law firm of Perkins Coie before quickly sinking back out of sight.
According to many media commentators, what occurred here was an impossible event, and it caught them all flatfooted since it was confidently asserted for months that Durham would make no further indictments and would be soon issuing a whitewash of a final report, finally ending the Spygate scandal saga with a whimper and not a bang.

The impossible indictment that Durham somehow got past Attorney General Merrick Garland alleges that lawyer Michael Sussmann made several false statements to federal officials while he was in the process of giving them faked Trump/Russia collusion evidence.

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The indictment of Sussmann is a huge tell about where Durham’s investigation is headed. Many commentators noted that this indictment could have been just a single page in length. All a prosecutor is required to do is establish the basic facts of the offense. Instead of doing that, Durham spends 27 pages of the Sussmann indictment taking the reader on an extensive and detailed journey into a criminal conspiracy to create fake Russia scandal evidence and then approach federal agencies with it.
Durham wrote this Sussmann indictment in such a way as to open a door and point himself right at both Hillary Clinton and Perkins Coie super lawyer Marc Elias. The indictment makes it clear that Elias was intimately involved in the Alfa Bank hoax, supervising and directing Sussmann’s activities while carefully and meticulously billing the Clinton campaign for it. That’s why I fully believe Elias is also going to be indicted.

How Did Durham Get This Stuff Anyway?

As I was reading the indictment, one thing that leaped out at me is that over it’s 27 pages it quotes extensively from internal documents from Perkins Coie such as billing records and email chains.

So the question that instantly formed in my mind was: How did the Special Counsel’s Office get their hands on these internal documents from Hillary Clinton’s law firm? Wouldn’t the attorney/client privilege have shielded this stuff from any grand jury subpoena? Suffice to say Perkins Coie and the Clinton campaign would not agree to give these documents up willingly.
Well the federal prosecutor with more than 30 years experience in the DOJ system who posts on social media and at Substack under the pseudonym “shipwreckedcrew” has an intriguing theory about how Durham might have pried these documents out of Clinton’s bony hands.

Shipwreck’s theory is that there must have been a fantastic Battle Royale behind the scenes for the past year or more after a federal grand jury subpoenaed the Perkins Coie documents related to the Alfa Bank dirty trick. An epic knock-down, drag-out, bayonet-the-survivors fight that Perkins Coie and the Clinton campaign ultimately lost when they were forced to give Durham the documents that fully expose the criminal conspiracy to present federal officials with bogus evidence.

I’ll let him state it in his own words: see image below.
Shipwreck speaks with authority when he says these kind of subpoena fights are carried out in private, out of public view. Nobody on the outside knows they are going on. The only way anyone would have found out would’ve been if there had been leaks from either Durham’s office or from the Clinton camp/Perkins Coie while that legal struggle was underway. But there weren’t any leaks, assuming this is what happened. Durham has never leaked anything, and it’s very likely neither Clinton nor Perkins Coie’s lawyers could see any advantage to making any leaks about such a court battle over their records.
That’s an intriguing thought, that for the past year and a half, maybe longer, Perkins Coie and Durham’s office were locked in mortal legal combat behind the scenes, out of sight, furiously attacking and countering each other in court all while people were insisting Durham wasn’t doing anything. What if instead of doing nothing, Durham was in the process of forcing key evidence out of the hands of Clinton’s lawyers, and none of this made the news for almost two years?

Is this a good time to point out that the criminal conspiracy to approach federal officials with a fake Trump/Russia hoax about Alfa Bank wasn’t the only such criminal conspiracy the Clinton campaign hatched then funded and directed through it’s operatives at Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS?

Because there was another such conspiracy. The Steele Dossier conspiracy. The one I’ve spent almost five years now exhaustively following and writing about.

And the fallout from the Steele Dossier hoax was far greater and more damaging than the Alfa Bank hoax, which only resulted in a handful of FBI agents chasing the wind for a few weeks before shutting their investigation down. Other than that, the only result of Clinton’s operatives successfully getting the FBI to take their fake evidence was that they got to use their news media allies to write stories that the Alfa Bank allegation was so serious, the FBI was now investigating it! Why, there must be something there if the FBI was investigating, right?
If Durham will indict Sussmann for his role in hatching and then handing the FBI a fake Russia scandal that didn’t really go anywhere, what do you supposed he’s going to do to this same sordid cast of characters when he can prove with exhaustive documentary evidence – much of which we’ve already seen due to it’s being declassified – that they also created the fake Steele Dossier that led to dozens, if not hundreds of people being spied on via a surveillance warrant obtained by deliberate acts of fraud?

Durham’s Still Not Talking and They Still Can’t Find Him

Note there was no press conference for this indictment. Neither Durham nor anyone from his office appeared to announce the indictment, talk about what a great job they are doing, and then take questions from the press. The indictment was unsealed, Sussmann came to court, entered his not guilty plea, and then…that was it. Everybody goes back to waiting.As I explained in a previous column here at X22, the media can’t zero in and fire for effect at Durham and his Special Counsel team of prosecutors and investigators because they can’t find them. They surfaced last week for about five minutes to hand off this indictment and now they’ve gone to ground again. They are ghosts.

Think about that. Durham just made an indictment that shows his guns are trained and zeroed in on Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS and right at Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff. If the mainstream corporate media could find him, they’d be doing everything they could to get leaks from out of his investigation and blow it up, undermine it, sabotage it, anything to protect these people pictured below. But they can’t find him. They can’t even begin to do any of that.
When’s Durham going to make his next indictment? I have no idea. He rolled out that Sussmann indictment last week to make sure he didn’t

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 2 months ago
    Very good report. I'll give you an 'A' on it. Having been through 14 years of a Conspiracy, you could tell me just about anything and I'd believe it. But my problem may be cleared up by a scrupulously honest Judge, The Texas Rangers, and unfortunately the FBI (but I think their role is only for appearances).
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    • Posted by 25n56il4 2 months ago
      If you wait long enough, sometimes the Pendulum swings in another direction. Revenge is delightful. To throw it in their faces cost me $80K but now I feel vindicated! N
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  • Posted by mhubb 2 months ago
    if anyone thinks that this will go anywhere, they are delusional

    NOTHING will remove biden, except Civil War or the dems tossing him for medical reasons

    i pray i am wrong
    but i doubt it
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    • Posted by $ 2 months ago
      How about some specifics on Durham and the battles he has been engaged in. You sound like Tokyo Rose from WWll. The Same negativity over and over.
      She was ultimately eliminated , but during the war she was demoralizing to the Pacific troops with her regular broadcasts.
      We are at war today! You have to be deluded not to see, it’s good vs evil
      positive vs negative Control vs freedom . For the first time in history an opposition is mounted and people are awake to the thuggery that has taken over. This the last chance for our country. Have we lost battles? Yes.
      Did Washington lose battles? Yes. Have people given up. Yes, you have. Many are just reaching the precipice that is where the shit hits the fan. The either go over the cliff or the run the other way.
      I respect your right to your opinion but I also have the right to express mine. I wish you would participate with US but if not ....... get out of the way.
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