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Posted by $ JaeShoate 1 month ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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Hello All, I look forward to meeting you and hopefully collaborating with some of you if interest allow it so. My name is JaNae although feel free to call me Jae. Ever since I read Altas Shurgged I’ve been hooked, I didn’t realize how controversial the book was until I was spoke with someone of different views and didn’t like my responses 😂. Ever since I’m more selective with who I talk to about Any Rand. I thought books were supposed to be read with an objective mind, but not for some people hahaha. Anywhoo happy to meet all of you. ✨✨✨

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  • Posted by $ Commander 1 month ago
    Welcome "home" Jae.
    Happy you got the "gist" of Atlas. Rand completed a simplicity (20+ page essay) beyond the complexity of her novel entitled; The Objectivist's Ethics, published and delivered at the UW Madison campus in 1961. I'll venture this is the most profound document in human history.
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    • Posted by $ 4 weeks, 1 day ago
      Thank you, :-). I’ll be looking for that one as well. I’m currently reading Fountainhead, and strongly hope someone comes up with a series or movie. I think society is forgetting why it’s important for us to be individuals in the first. Especially in the work place, I won’t say every industry but A LOT of them are forming a weird “tribe/ community culture” so everyone can “feel comfortable and be themselves” which is a load of crap. There should always be a work dynamic where people conduct themself professionally, also we are not designed to get along with everyone nor share there same ideals and to create a culture like that is ridiculous.
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      • Posted by $ Commander 4 weeks ago
        1949 film starring Gary Cooper: The Fountainhead
        All of the dynamic you read, hear and see is a cultured response to rescue, or lack thereof. Any organism that becomes too comfortable in it's respective environment is subject to a shock when change occurs to rapidly. Alvin Toffler illustrated this in his 1970 publication: Future Shock, and subsequent film in 1972.

        Congregationalism is a term I'll offer to describe human culturalization to an environment of subjective individual/group comfort. This is an emotional and cognitive perception as well as physical experience.

        Within this forum you shall find very uncomfortable patronage. These folks have been "pushed" in many ways throughout their respective lives to refute blind trust and be wary of "We're here to help".
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        • Posted by $ 3 weeks, 6 days ago
          Yup Commander, I agree. I had a chance to watch the 1949 film version, I’m more so hoping for an current version, with everything that’s going on we need reminders.

          I agree with you about group comfort, many of us myself included want a sense of belonging and partnership, to know that ones way of thinking or living is acceptable. I think it’s a natural reaction, although I haven’t read any science on it. But I think we’re designed to to interact with others and connect, hence this platform. It becomes a problem when the acceptance is contingent on how willing someone is to assimilate into a frame of living that is not them. Verses shining through their differences and truly respecting the other person, not because there’s a promotion or kudos on the line but because it’s the sound thing to do.

          Which makes total sense —The question after that should be… At what cost? I’ll say I listen twice as hard when someone mentions to me they want to help or they are doing it for some other reason other than themselves.

          The glorification of sainthood is really wild to me. So many “REAL” people in the world. From life coaches, influencers, to revolutionary speakers… makes you want to think more about the content and whose delivering it. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good motivation speech as the next person, it’s becoming to saturated with opinions looking like facts… is all.
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