Why is Trump commenting on Xiden’s mistakes?

Posted by $ BobCat 10 months ago to Politics
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Is anyone else starting to get ‘put offed’ by Trumps constant comments on Xiden’s fiasco?
I can’t imagine he is doing himself much good.

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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 10 months ago
    Yeah he should shut up about what Xiden is doing to destroy the free world. The media is doing a great job reporting on all the facts and science. The elections were perfectly secure with no fraud the elected members told you so........we should all censor that sore loser. The rest of his maniacal white supremacist followers are the greatest danger we face. I mean for Christ’s sake there are 70000-80000 Everywhere he goes. Biden’s rally’s short and sweet speeches don’t have such scary numbers. Heck he runs off the stage so he does not talk too much. No answers to Questions means he won’t put us off about something. Trumps mean comments and former tweets have no place in a new world order. Criticizing Quid pro Peedo Joe is totally unfair , he is still new to the job.
    All the criticism of Trump was justified , Adam Schitt and Nancy Pill ohsee Told US so. Making America Great Again was just rehashing a nation built on the backs of slaves. Trump just wanted to be a great big slave owner. Hell it was Trumps fault that President Biden weaponized the ISIS Variant K for Kabul with $85,000,000,000
    Dollars worth of the finest death weapons on the planet. His Trumps racist comments and tweets pissed off the terrorists so bad they over ran Afghanistan.
    Ashli Babbit types are the Qreatest danger on the planet.
    Yeah , Trump is not helping himself much. In fact he can’t enrich himself anymore off of the visitors coming to see him and staying at his hotel. I wonder if he will make it. Putting himself and his family in danger was a selfish thing , he sure needs to be the number one target of the Cabal and all the fuQing Satanic pieces of shit like Rothschild or Soras or Gates or Fuckerberg or Bezos or Bush family or Clintonistas or Macron ,or Trudeau-Castro or Johnson ,or Xi or Merkel, or the “Pope” or Mitch McCon nel the Australian tyrants or the New Zealand Puppets ABC , NBC , CBS .CNN , MSNBC . The FBI was right to put operation hurricane on to work tirelessly to undermine and even to try and frame the loud mouth. I supported 45 , but I will have to start to back The Current administration. Also I have a bit of soul searching to do about how I have oppressed the people of color , hindered the people with sexual practices that are not my style , of their happiness and orgasms. It almost like they are celibate because of me and my heterosexual 42 year marriage.
    We all have to give up our amendments for the greater good. Get the jab it’s for everybody else. I won’t feel comfortable till everyone gets 3 or more depending on how many Fauci variants are created. Keep your f ing mouth shut Donald Trump it puts me off. I mean I can’t not hear or read what Trump says. I think free speech should be only what I like.
    Give up your right to protect your self too. We should obey the gun restriction laws that Biden wants , the criminals will if we do. The police that made sure all the 250+ peaceful protests were lawful will do the protecting for US. The very rare looting and fires that happened were dealt with swiftly and justice was served. Many probably were started by the business owners to collect
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  • Posted by $ AJAshinoff 10 months ago
    It the opportunity to inflate himself.

    Success need not be trumped by the one achieving it, rather noticed, spoken, and lauded about by those who admire and long for the same.

    I'm sure someone else said that before me.
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