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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 2 years ago
    As Usual, we are on the same track...releasing the populous from the recent pain and suffering...check out THUNDERSTRUCK! Awe and Laughter.

    The Sunspot flairs must have released a desire for creativity in us both...shielding us from the EVIL Cosmic Rays.
    PS. I posit that this is why Mankind lost the voice of others and gained the Voice of Self 2500 years ago...think about that.
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  • Posted by ohiocrossroads 2 years ago
    The tornado and rainbow touching down in the same place is really amazing. I bet the photographer was amazed, too. And scared. Get the shot and run like hell.
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    • Posted by $ 2 years ago
      Yes. That is one remarkable moment in time.
      In a certain way it reminds me of fishing.
      You have to have a line in or you will never catch a fish. Incredible “catch” by that photographer.
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