Lefty Politicos Who Ruined World's Economies Discuss How To Fix World's Economies

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It's called the G7 Conference and woe, woe unto us!
Meeting in Cornwall, England, to corn hole the rest of us, Boris Johnson, Beijing Joe O'Biden, Justin Trudeau, that weird French punching bag what's his name and all the other members of the summit pushed harmful policies rather than just let people reach herd immunity and go on with their lives. Now these wannabe commie clowns claim to be just who you need to listen to for reopening the very economies they~~
First you just gotta get a gander at his gorgeous photograph and the article that comes with it!


Now wasn't that just so special! It appears Mother Nature couldn't stomach so many dumb as a brick douchebags gathered at one spot without retaliating.
Think about it. Landfills and oil spills she can endure but not such a corrupt collection of those particular twits.
Well, so how do we get all those--you know who!--Asian (mis)leaders to gather in one spot?
SOURCE URL: https://babylonbee.com/news/people-who-ruined-worlds-economies-gather-to-discuss-how-to-fix-worlds-economies

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