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Posted by $ Abaco 4 months, 1 week ago to Philosophy
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Man...being outside of California feels so good. I'm at my gulch home in NV for a bit working and doing things around the house...and a little golf. It's hard to describe the feeling I get here. I joined a good friend and his dad for a round of golf at Toiyabe in Washoe Valley and it was so serene and beautiful that you can feel your body react to it. After the round I drove my pickup out by Washoe Lake and watched a large group of wild mustangs grazing. The place looks like you're standing in the middle of a post card picture. People are nice. Spaces are wide open. The wind whispers through the pines. Regular conversations occur about how screwed up California is.

We live in a very beautiful country, really. The only thing that seems to tarnish it is mismanagement and liberalism. When you're not around those flaws it's like the beauty just jumps out at you.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 4 months, 1 week ago
    I understand the feeling, but it's just a feeling, not true freedom.
    There is no escape from the feds, Abaco, until there is an armed uprising - and even that is no guarantee that the majority won't consent to enslavement of everyone.
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  • Posted by xau 4 months ago
    Great to hear you're getting a break. It did catch my attention that you get part of your satisfaction from conversations about 'how screwed up California is'. I can relate to that, yet when I think of my gulch, I want to have my mind clear, not to have to think about it.

    I get to experience plenty of real life California / DC in some form and rather than complain about it, I just want to get away from it (and, as part of that, refuse to watch TV shows such as 'house of cards' and related genre)

    So my question is: when we are "outside of California", we may enjoy the mustangs grazing. There will be times we want intellectual stimulus beyond that - what do you pursue to achieve that without lamenting the ills of the world?

    By all means, I'm not criticizing - if you need to complain about what's screwed up in the world as relief or motivation, go for it.
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    • Posted by $ 4 months ago
      You're not hearing my entire story because I'm not mentioning it. I appreciate your question. I just can't completely answer it here. Don't worry. I'm enjoying life...
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  • Posted by Arthgallo 4 months, 1 week ago
    sorry; you're still in Washoe County. I'm leaving Reno and heading east to Lyon County. Can't stand the high taxes, high fuel prices, the mayor of Reno, and Washoe Schools are the epitome of corruption. Other than that, yea, I drive by there a couple of times every week - the horses are great (its a problem though that nobody dares address). ;)
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  • Posted by BradA 4 months ago
    I don't understand how those mustangs can exist and be happy in the wild without being dependent on a government program. Quick, someone needs to hide them, they're setting a bad example.
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    • Posted by Flootus5 4 months ago
      And as is said in politics "What it shows the most it is the least".

      Remember that Nevada is 87% public land. Almost all of that is federally "mis"managed. The herds (hordes) of wild horses throughout the State of Nevada is a concerted campaign by the feds to drive the productive ranchers off of the public lands from grazing livestock. The BLM (the true terrorists for Nevadans) along the way after turning grazing rights into "privileges" then arbitrarily began substituting wild horse populations for ranchers' grazing AUM's (Animal Unit Months). While simultaneously going after the water associated with the grazing rights. This is much of what Cliven Bundy's fight since the early 1990's has been about. He refused to acknowledge the BLM's authority and instead paid the grazing fees to Clark County, a bonafide municipal and administrative subdivision of the State.

      But this level of insight is around Sagebrush Rebellion 501. One must go back and begin with Sage 101 for the full story.

      An interesting and entertaining aside is to go and watch the old movie "The Misfits". The last movie that Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe appeared in. But watch it knowing that this is an early Hollywood hit piece on the libertarian free society that Nevada used to be. The locals are knuckle dragging rubes and Marilyn is the proto-greenie Wild Horse Annie of the day. Clark Gable breaks down and bemoans that "they have changed it all". Indeed. Well, one of these days "mustangin'" may yet again be "better than wages"!
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  • Posted by Rex_Little 4 months ago
    Despite all the people leaving California for Nevada (and Arizona, which I did five years ago), home prices in CA are ridiculous. I just looked up a house I used to own in Burbank: 2 BR, 1 bath, 874 sq. ft., built in 1930. Zillow estimates its value at $856K.
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