Posted by $ Dobrien 2 months ago to Government
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Just got an automated phone call from the local police. The call stated we are under curfew from 7pm til 6am. First time in my city. We are in a second ring suburb of the St Paul/ Mlps metro area. I have mixed emotions about it.....

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  • Posted by $ rainman0720 2 months ago
    I may be oversimplifying things, but if you don't want to get shot and maybe killed, stop running from the police!!!
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    • Posted by $ 2 months ago
      No you are spot on Rainman, that is the message that is not Being taught.
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      • Posted by $ rainman0720 2 months ago
        Full disclaimer: I grew up in a cop family, and my bias is on the side of law enforcement.

        My dad retired after 32 years on the force. After spending maybe a decade as a firefighter, my uncle joined the police and spent the next 20 years bouncing back and forth between vice and homicide. And my brother was on the force for probably 25 years or more, spending 15 or 20 of those years an FTO, before retiring and becoming Chief in a suburb town of Indy.
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        • Posted by $ 2 months ago
          My bias is as well , but see my post Back the blue,
          The swamp is deep. Two short videos are attached the first is a mother and daughter being abused by constables . The second is a retired law enforcer pleading with police to do the right thing. I would love to read your insight on the current environment law enforcement is in.
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  • Posted by $ Thoritsu 2 months ago
    My wife is flying back from there right now. Just picked up a puppy in Grove City.

    Here we go again... piece of crap, felon, getting shot, upsets people. In this case 1) for sure, he was resisting arrest and fleeing felon, and 2) the officer warned and made a mistake evident from the body cam audio. Thanks very much to her for accidentally saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars repeatedly incarcerating and supporting this turd.

    Good luck out there Dobie! Hope you are armed.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 2 months ago
    Hint: don't point a gun at police unless you want them to respond in kind.
    Hint #2: don't point a gun at anyone else unless you want them to respond in kind.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 2 months ago
    Is there a Real Danger that the paid rioters will infiltrate your area at night or has the need to CONTROL expanded to your area?

    Not sure if I would comply...I have a habit of NOT doing the things idiots tell me to do without proof...I am a SOB when it comes to that shit.

    After all, in 2020 we learned that there is no such thing as an expert in government...
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 2 months ago
    At the day care across the street from my house the little ones are on the sliding boards, laughing and playing. We are trying to get back to normal.
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    • Posted by TheRealBill 2 months ago
      We had food delivery last night and, for the first time in at least a year, the person with our food didn't have a mask on. I immediately smiled, but he was not growing moss and had delivered my food, "good night, enjoy", and was off in the darkness before I could compliment him on the no-mask.

      During the garbage we had increased our consumption of takeout just to try to help directly where we could. Now that things aren't the same here in Texas we've switched to supporting ones that don't require a mask. We have a healthy "mask free" group that shares reports on where and how they local business handle it. Not just do they require or not, but do they give you a ration of shit if you don't.

      For the few people who seem to glare I smile and stick my tongue out. Usually provides and embarrassed laugh - as it points out that they can see my face and what it is like to see people's faces again.
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 1 month, 4 weeks ago
    This country is going to hell, the insane congressional Dems want to take down all the polices departments in the US then create a federal police force. This smacks of a communist regime.
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  • Posted by rtpetrick 2 months ago
    Minneapolis/St. Paul has just officially become a totalitarian society….
    The Governor, along with the mayor of Minneapolis and St. Paul, have, in essence, declared Martial Law.
    With armed Nasty Guard members and armored military vehicles on many intersections…..
    ……our “leaders” have declared a curfew for the counties of Hennepin, Ramsey, and Anoka.
    These counties contain Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Greater Minneapolis suburbs, where more than 2.2 million (more than 40%)of Minnesota’s people live.
    The curfew will be from 7:00PM to 6:00AM….Anyone found on the streets between these hours will be arrested and detained….and will be enforced for an indefinite period of time.
    (As an aside, I wonder if this draconian curfew applies to the homeless who live on the streets.)

    I wouldn’t be a police officer is the Greater Minneapolis Area for all the “Tea in China” nor all the “Beer in Germany”.
    The police simply do not have a chance here, given the level of crime and the complete lack of support by the liberal Democrat City Council…and the liberal Democrat Mayors. And if the BLM thugs don’t like the judgement in the Chauvin Trial, they will burn down Minneapolis……..again.
    Sad to say that Minneapolis, which used to be a beautiful, safe city….is now a war zone……visible crime……shootings……..murders…..rampant. Gangs control north side and south side streets after sundown.
    Minnesota is 7 % black….North Minneapolis is 75% black and 25% other than black. 80% of the murders committed in Minnesota happen in North Minneapolis. (90% of blacks who die of murder, die at the hands of other blacks). The politicians and so-called leaders of the state, incompetent all, appear not to care. Minneapolis is moving forward to defund and dismantle its police force….which is absolute insanity.
    I wouldn’t travel through North Minneapolis in the day time, even if heavily armed, which I generally am when I travel outside Frostbite Falls.
    I don’t plan to travel to Minneapolis any time soon.
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    • Posted by $ 1 month, 4 weeks ago
      You nailed it . First came the welfare crowd from Chicago with Minnesota handouts from day one of moving here. Then came the Hussein -Dayton - Somalia wave. The virtuous snowflakes guilty of all they project makes the people barely tolerable.
      I avoid both cities now when possible.
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      • Posted by rtpetrick 1 month, 4 weeks ago
        Back in the 60’s, I played guitar in a band. We frequently would eat after 2:00AM in Minneapolis after our gigs...often in black neighborhoods….no worries.
        Then the Bloods and the Crips came to town, with the drug business, and preyed on the naïve white farm kids from Minnesota. Ask any white, now in North Minneapolis, who was unable to escape that jungle, what destroyed Minneapolis and they will tell you “Narcotics”…because they know that drugs lead to crime and debasement.
        And the press and the politicians refuse to identify and confront the problem…..black gang violence is in part, racially motivated…..stoked by the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Lynch….and…..Obama. The Crips are an LA based gang. The Bloods are also a Los Angeles Street gang, but their MN connection usually runs through Chicago. The other major gangs in MN also have a connection through Chicago. These are the Vice Lords, The Latin Kings, and the Gangster Disciples. The Native Mob operates between MN reservations and Minneapolis / St. Paul. Gangster Disciples identified as the biggest gang. The Latin Kings are the 2nd biggest gang. Some of the newest gangs are Somali gangs.
        If I owned a business in Minneapolis I would sell it…..today……and get out of town.
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  • Posted by $ Commander 2 months ago
    Hey D, I flipped on news and saw what was going on. A friend from Blaine called last night and I missed it....I'll catch him tonight. I'm sure it was this BS he had in mind.

    Make a plan...and get out of there. If you need a loadmaster, I'll be there.
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    • Posted by $ 2 months ago
      Thanks Mike, so far the hoods are the target, well and the targets for TV’s and other lootable goods.
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      • Posted by $ Commander 2 months ago
        Classes of peoples who have been forced into being "wards" of the "State" know little of healthy productivity, respect for liberty or the law enforcements that come with it, nor the "habitability" you or I may ascertain as "normal".

        I took on a kid in my neighborhood, not much different than this one. Started training him in my shop, on a work release program. He screwed up and had a drink from a bottle his "cellmate" brought in. Caught on urinalysis, he was put in general population at Hennepin Cty Corrections. By the time he got out I had filled position I needed for production. Without the structure I had provided he defaulted to the Street. He, and another, robbed a dealer in St Louis Park area. Police kicked in the door and searched his mom's house, scared his two sisters. I was first on scene, my crew/dually sliding around the corner and right up to the cops. Their hands went to weapons.
        Who are you?
        Warrant, now!
        Some things are indelibly etched in memory.
        Two hours after they left I had procured and installed a useable interior door and was transferring the lock when Pierre showed up. I tried to grab hold of him and just missed...fingers on his jacket sleeve.
        His last act was sickly heroic. Saving his family from any potential repercussions from the gangs, he put a bullet in his head in one of the two hotels on 54th and Lyndale.

        Every time I hear of incidents like these I wonder at the comprehensive history behind each.
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        • Posted by $ 1 month, 4 weeks ago
          The story I see repeated is these folks are being held accountable by police for some potentially illegal act and they resist arrest or worse.
          That is a lesson that is sorely needed. Don’t grab a cop or their weapon.
          If you do it might be the last thing you do.
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          • Posted by $ Commander 1 month, 4 weeks ago
            And what do you or I do when the police come for us under the auspices of "legality"?
            Stopped for a "violation" and then more "discovery", and then......
            I bar no mans path. I meddle in no others affairs. I command no others to do my bidding. I impose upon no other. And because of "legality" I am a criminal. Our legal system commands, meddles and imposes....a sickness that has gone too far.
            In this case the death of a kid and the prosecution of a police officer. Both "sides" lose and the fear and control/resistance to control escalates.
            I'll grieve over this.
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            • Posted by JohnWesley 1 month, 3 weeks ago
              I will grieve for the police officer. The "kid" deserved what he got. Put yourself in the cop's shoes. A wanted criminal--felony gun charge--fighting to escape, or kill you. What would you do????
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              • Posted by $ Commander 1 month, 3 weeks ago
                What would I have done? Unknown, due to lack of information. Too many questions about the arrest, the "criiminal" record, the officers and their respective history, the weapons training and similarity or disimilarity between firearm and "taser".

                I did see one serious mistake on the part of the police. Never give the "apprehended" access back to the vehicle. The driver door remained open during the arrest and handcuffing. Now, I don't know how this city or dept train on apprehension. I know the former from a lot of dialog with my three friends from the third precinct in MPLS. Al and Dale are retired some 8 or 9 years. Rob is still active and looking to get out of metro area policing.

                The flip side on this. I haven't heard anything from my contacts on the street in "South" (MPLS). So I'm guessing the kid wasn't related to anyone I know...so far. If I hear more I'll update this post.

                As far as what I have done in armed altercation, I returned fire the first time...I was 16. The second time I and my companion were unarmed and fled from his car that he crashed in the ditch. The third time I fled as a weapon was being drawn. The fourth time.....I'm fortunate the Life light came back into Wayne's eyes and he released from a 9mm under my jaw. The fifth time I passed a .380 and clip, separated and off-handed, insuring myself time if my opponent decided to assemble. I've no history in law enforcement...just a very uninsulated life.
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  • Posted by malonejr 2 months ago
    As with all things, they start with small steps first and once the precedent has been established, the flood gates will open shortly afterwards. After all, Hitler had kill off the Brown Shirts in order to say "the bad guys are gone now" so he could unleash the Black Shirts and their spawn.
    Watch and observe then judge but don't let them lure you into their opinion parties or you might get rounded up too!
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    • Posted by TheRealBill 2 months ago
      I'm fairly sure you're mixing up the history here.

      The SA, preceding the Nazis and their SS, were the "Brownshirts", but it was the Italian Fascisti (and various related words) that were the "Blackshirts". Plus the term "brownshirts" was modeled after the Fascist's "Blackshirts" - which preceded both the SA and the SS. The term "blackshirts" was not applied to the SS.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 2 months ago
    Re meme #2, Dante Wright, who skipped a court date, has "on the street" acquired another "illegal" handgun by now. I can only assume is Ruger .45 was confiscated.
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