Traitors at SCOTUS Betray Property Rights AGAIN Declaring that Oracle Has No Rights To Its Programming (As Long As Google Is The Thief.) Don't Try This Without Billions Ready For Bribes.

Posted by freedomforall 2 weeks, 2 days ago to Politics
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"SCOTUS has ruled that tech giant Google did not violate copyright law by reusing some 11,330 lines of code and other elements of fellow Big Tech player Oracle’s Java platform to build its wildly popular Android OS.
The $8 billion copyright case against Google landed heavily in the tech giant’s favor on Monday, with six judges finding in favor of the company and just two dissenting in support of Oracle.

Google had argued its reuse of the code in question was in line with “long-settled, common practice[s] in the industry,” insisting there is no copyright protection governing “purely functional, noncreative computer code” of the sort it lifted from Oracle to build Android in 2007."

So don't bother to learn to program, Google can steal your work at any time they wish, with the blessing of the Traitors in the Supreme Court.


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  • Posted by mccannon01 2 weeks, 2 days ago
    Tough call here without knowing the specifics. Operating systems are written in some language and it looks like the coders at Google chose Java when they could have chosen something else. Java (like C or FORTRAN or Python) has been out in the public for general use for decades and there are many apps written in it.

    OTOH, the "long-settled, common practice[s] in the industry,” argument stinks of the "settled science" and "consensus" ploys of the climate change religion.

    As much as I currently distrust anything Google, they may not be guilty on this one. There aren't enough facts in the article.
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    • Posted by 2 weeks, 2 days ago
      Arrogant attitudes of all 3 groups.
      Would a reasonable company have settled for a small royalty or being given credit for their authorship? Two smaller companies would have settled without involving the SCOTUS. Now we have another bad legal decision that will be applied to mess up free trade.
      The SCOTUS are a bunch of meddling traitors who refuse to make a decision when it is vital to preserving liberty (and upholding their oaths,) yet they meddle when the result can do nothing but expand government meddling (which breaks their oaths.)
      Impale the ones who refused to hear the challenges to the 2020 election.
      Hang the ones who supported this rubbish (if there are any left to hang.)
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