Building America’s Tower of Babel

Posted by $ Olduglycarl 2 months ago to History
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[],"a passage in" [the book 1984],.. "during which an elite who dreamed of making themselves masters of mankind find themselves under the “curse of Babel,” unable to speak anything other than gibberish."

That's exactly what they speak now days, it's Not Even the "Double Speak" of 1984, those of today, have no idea, What the truth is.

Laughing, They have managed to confound their own's plain to see and hear.

Yes, The Delete want us to build another tower of Babyling, (yep, you read that correctly)
It was the initial success of the building of the tower, many of different languages speaking a common language with common meanings that began to worry them. When the tower fell, it fell because it was built (metaphorically) on unstable ground.
Therefore, if was the Rulers, old testament DELETE that wished to confound our language, Lest Nothing Be Impossible Unto Them...meaning those they wished to rule over...that was Us then and it's Us now.

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