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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 3 weeks, 5 days ago
    Hey Brother, #3 is a continuing confirmation of the American Patriotic Rebellion against the Deep State. “We the people”. People know today what Q was telling (US/Nationalists worldwide)anons 4 years ago..
    That elite pee doh s is not a conspiracy theory.
    It’s the oOHhhh ... I see it moment When Bill Gates , Maxwell , Epstein, Prince Andrew , Clinton Spacey , Hanks , DeGenerate , Oprah , Weinstein ...and on and on.
    They Are all recognized as sick human pretending deletes.
    The fake media and the spouse connecting in the media.
    It’s more than just another 4 year election. Nothing can stop what’s coming. “I will never tell my enemies when I will strike”. I suppose pretending to tell of a plan or infer a timeline could be interpreted as “disinformation is necessary”
    Pain , as the memes that have skyrocketed since the Q instructions to anons to flood social media with the truth. Your regular postings is a clear example of how “we are the news”. Great Awakening. Memes have evolved into a stylish Comic Strip pane (pain). Giving bright daylight to the topics portrayed. Coincidence I think not / Just saying. 5 + years I have said we are in an “Uncivil War” . It is a very divisive info warfare with Nazi style mind control msm. Irregular warfare (insurgency). Dark to Light. Evil vs Good.
    Memes are like daggers to the fake news narratives.
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  • Posted by $ 3 weeks, 6 days ago
    Was on the Presidents Blog, too bad we can't comment...there is something quite curious in this blog...see if you can pick it up. Posted 5/21/21:

    Donald J. Trump

    6:17pm May 21, 2021

    "Many people have asked about the beautiful Boeing 757 that became so iconic during the Trump rallies. It was effectively kept in storage in Upstate New York in that I was not allowed to use it during my presidency. It is now being fully restored and updated and will be put back into service sometime prior to the end of the year. It will soon be brought to a Louisiana service facility for the completion of work, inspection and updating of Rolls-Royce engines, and a brand new paint job. When completed, it will be better than ever, and again used at upcoming rallies!"
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    • Posted by $ Dobrien 3 weeks, 5 days ago
      HellQ Brother . It sounds optimistic and positive. It is possibly an analogy of his new administration when the election theft , fraud and treason is brought to justice. Trust the plan. We don’t know plan .
      Bull Schiff oops I mean Bull Durham / forensic audits Governor troubles . Are we about to see the whole corrupt temple come down on their fuQing heads ?

      Military is the only way! “Put back into service”
      “I was not allowed to use it” You and I both understand what that means.

      When it is crystal clear to those who think and know what the real truth is can finally vote in secure honest elections. Without that we don’t have shit.
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  • Posted by katrinam41 3 weeks, 3 days ago
    Thanks once more, ouc, for very, very pointed funnies. Love the eagle and Baa-doop as we used to call him as kids. So many good ones I can't name them all:)
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