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Posted by $ Abaco 9 months ago to Entertainment
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So, I picked up one of these decals for my truck from our Gulch Store and it will go on the back window when it arrives soon. Looking back on it...I realized that it was seeing such a decal that got me to first look into Atlas Shrugged. Now, 15 years later I'm paying it forward by displaying this sticker. It becomes more and more timely and I hope I can help others. I'm not a big window sticker guy. But, this is a small gesture with massive implications anymore. I always get complements on my truck - and she's a beauty. So, it will go well. About a month ago I was driving near my Gulch home in NV and saw a beautiful woman driving a very nice SUV with "Who is John Galt?" license plate frame. I had to roll down my window at a stop and compliment her for that. Big smile as she drove into an exclusive golf community.

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  • Posted by 2112 8 months, 4 weeks ago
    I had picked up several during a sale about 2 years ago. I would give them to family or friends who I thought would be interested. That number is growing. The problem is, many who are attracted to the idea of shrugging, have nothing to shrug off. I have noticed people taking the idea and using it as an excuse to not work. I live in a college town. :(
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    • Posted by $ Commander 8 months, 4 weeks ago
      I closed 30 years of manufacturing business in Minneapolis, MN......I quit feeding the machine. Over 50% of my fixturing and tooling went toward Fortune 100 manufacturers. Moved 300 miles east. By the end of this year I will be consuming/preserving around 75% of my own food or traded within a near-permaculture consortium.
      I know my beef and pork producers personally. Raising 150 meat chickens for a mid-summer harvest. Cutting up 7 tons of felled timber for raised bed gardens. Establishing water storage up to 3k gallons.

      Irony: For more than 25 years I have facilitated GE locomotive engine/generator tech., lots of rail maintenance equip. and oil drilling equip. I scrapped tech that can pulverize coal to a 98% range within 3 to 10 micron....this can reduce fuel consumption by 4% and volumetric reduction of a boiler by 50% for the same output. Screw the present scenario....I can take this to my grave.

      I've not been so happy since I was 6. I win!
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      • Posted by 2112 8 months, 4 weeks ago
        Thank you for being there when you were. My parents shrugged when they paid off their house. The local economy took a hit when they closed up shop. It's a small town and theirs was the most popular local business. The town tried to change water billing rules and even parking rules requiring them to pay more and more.
        Finding staff worth a damn became impossible. Folks would work for a few months then not show up, or become unreliable to the point of needing to be fired. They all collect unemployment and bad-mouth the business. The adults are worse than the younger folks. The State of Oregon does not like small businesses.

        Owners of other businesses in the same field (restaurant) open on their schedules. Never consistent, quality is terrible, throw people out when they complain, etc... Then they meet at town meetings to discuss the problem with the successful business that is taking money away from the rest. The streets would be packed with cars for my folks' place, lined up down the sidewalk waiting for a table for hours, while these other places don't even open until awkward hours or when the owner feels like showing up. This was not a fancy restaurant, but a blue-collar place with a demand that the food, staff, and output were the best they could be period. My folks are happily retired in the woods, on acreage, prepared to be decoupled from the potato heads. I gave them WIJG ornaments, and they have both read the book. Atlas is a constant topic over holiday dinners.
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