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I'm originally was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, but GLAD to now be living in Tucson, Arizona. As for the 'flight'? Interesting! Used to be a leftist radical, a member of the SDS, and 'little red book' (by Mao) carrier. Was stupidly in the middle of the '68 riots in Chicago's Democratic Convention fighting for what I (at the time) thought was right. BUT, in my senior year in high school, went on a trip to Washington D.C. One of our stops was in front of the sealed case containing the Declaration of Independence & US Constitution. The Olde English wording was hard to read...but something 'clicked' in the back of my young, immature brain that said: "Ummm...I think I'm barking up the wrong tree, here in my ideology." SOMETHING happened in front of that case. I felt it again, later that evening, standing in front of the statue of Abraham Lincoln at His Memorial. It almost felt like being in church...which was weird, at least at the time. Returning home, my teacher gave me a copy of both Declaration of Independence and Constitution with MUCH easier to read words! I read ALL of it. Again, that 'feeling' that I was going down the wrong path, but didn't know exactly HOW/WHAT to do about it. Fast forward to 1974, the year I met my husband, Michael, who had most of Ayn Rand's books. Said the one that 'changed his life' (he'd read it at a much younger age than me) was Atlas Shrugged. While my ideology HAD changed, I was still a bit of the radical. "Shrugged" was hard to get through at first ("Too wordy!" I proclaimed) BUT...it made me think, and think and think and taught me (with Michael's gentle guidance) to be objective; use logic. Think things through before acting for a change! THAT book changed ME. I read and still have all of Ms. Rand's books and still re-read them from time to time and recommend them to those whom I think would like them and/or get something out of them that they perhaps had NOT thought of or about previously. So here I am. By my own free will, and am VERY happy to be here! I look forward to connecting with other like-minded individuals. So glad that this forum is available!

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