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Hi everyone,
I just learned of this site and immediately had to sign up.
Atlas Shrugged (AS) and The Fountainhead had a profound effect on me personally and upon my life in general.
Growing up, I was 'trained' to always 'be nice' even when others were not so. As I progressed through school and life I was always living to please others whether parents, friends or work associates to my detriment. That detriment being the allowing of others to take credit for work I initiated and produced as their own as I had been taught that "helping" others was a good thing. There are specific examples but, I'm sure that you get my drift..
Ayn Rand spelled out so well what I had lived in my life in AS with Hank Reardon being continually asked to divulge the secret formula of his steel. I had lived for the benefit of others to the exclusion of mine. It was a seminal moment in my life and a true paradigm shift in how I lived it.
Objectivism was the missing piece in my life and a significant part that I believe is missing from the world today as well. Taking personal responsibility was always an aspect of my life that I accepted but, taking responsibility for the failure of a team member was a part of it as well. Coming to the epiphany that I should never not ever live for another man but, should live my life for myself was a true gift.
Having read other of her works ive been able to apply concepts and gain significant benefit in my personal and work life.
I look forward to getting familiar with the site and reading other's points of view.

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