The Great Deception - a detailed report of 2020 Vote Fraud in Six States

Posted by $ blarman 1 week ago to Government
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A really detailed look at the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American People.
SOURCE URL: https://www.larslarson.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/The-Immaculate-Deception-12.15.20.pdf

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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 6 days, 13 hours ago
    Good thing I am REALLY busy with work, making money... So I can IGNORE the fraudulent election, horrifying frauds committed against the American People, the UNJUST treatment of half the country, and the CONTINUED De-Platforming of Conservatives...

    Because that money is going to let me buy so much peace and happiness in the dystopian future the globalists have planned for us.

    People are more worried about Covid than the OBVIOUS deep corruption of our government.
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    • Posted by $ 6 days, 11 hours ago
      Just be careful about relying too much on money. The plans are for the Fed to flood the market with invented greenbacks, devaluing everything from the cash in your wallet to your 401K. I'd make sure you get some hard commodities and prep stuff - just in case.
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  • Posted by BCRinFremont 5 days, 16 hours ago
    I now see why it was so difficult for Hank Reardon to give up the fight and head to the Gulch. But, my friends, the darkness is upon us. There will be those who take the route of Ragnar Danneskjold. They will be vilified, hunted down, and eliminated. I have seen it discussed that the modern Galt’s Gulch is more of a cyberspace location than a physical place. Alas, cyberspace is controlled by the looters. Ayn Rand saw the process quite clearly. Maybe the reason she created a fantasy Gulch is that there is no place in reality to hide.
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  • Posted by Sorgy 6 days, 1 hour ago
    FB is blocking that video, which is really just a big production saying that DC is in panic and the deep state will go down on 1/20, the date the people will regain the power of the country.
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