2021 Prediction - Chains for the Greater Good

Posted by $ pixelate 2 months ago to Politics
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I was thoroughly impressed at the ease with which the populace embraced the Covid Crisis Catastrophe, the Social Engineering Distancing and the Muzzle Mandates. In context of year 2021, I think that we can raise the bar a bit. The people will be instructed that they must now wear spark arrester gear on their legs as a means to keep from building up static charge that might cause harm. The idea is to secure a small chain to each leg near the ankle. At the end of each chain is a metal ball that drags against the ground. In order to increase the likelihood that at least one of the balls will be in contact with ground to dissipate excess charge, a cross-chain will connect the two chains and run between the legs. Rapid adoption of these devices can be made by showing how each chain can have dongles affixed to personalize the chained experience. In short order, the people will find opportunities to identify with others of similar perspective and will form their own chain gangs. Fledgling businesses will emerge to sell designer chains along with stylish accessories, all of which can be readily paid for with the State's implementation of an Unconditional Basic Income.

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