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  • Posted by $ Meerkat24 4 months ago
    Yes, the consequences are fearful, but Trump exercising the power while he still lawfully holds it is the path of least bloodshed.

    The Hounds of Hell are already showing their fangs, so certain they have won, that they don't even try to conceal their hatred and all they want to do to Trump and anyone who is even suspected of supporting, or even liking, him at any point in time. They are giddy. Just watch them unable to hold back the drool as they openly lust after the power they are about to have. Anyone who thinks a "peaceful" transition will result in peace is a fool.

    It is sad to think that it has come to a point where bloodshed is inevitable, but that is the price of freedom. Each time a people forget that, the price has to be paid again.

    I wish there were a way to thank the truest of our patriots in advance, as the ones who deserve our thanks the most will no longer be able to hear it.
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