The Empire (Wall St Insider Firms) Strikes Back - Small Investors No Longer Allowed to Buy Shares In Wall St firm's Short Positions - It's A Rigged Game And Insiders Can Only Profit, Never Lose

Posted by freedomforall 4 months, 3 weeks ago to Business
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Yesterday I posted the story of how small investors joined together to buy stocks that Wall St firms have stifled through shorting the shares (selling without owning any shares.) This caused Wall St firms to suffer big losses on their bets that the stocks share prices prices would fall. Wall St regularly makes big profits by destroying the value of small companies shares and these small investors were interfering with Wall St's unearned profits.
Today many Wall St firms have restricted all trading in the shorted stocks to selling ONLY. In other words they have forced all small investors to be unable to buy shares in companies that Wall St firms have short sales in and could lose money on.
Wall St is protecting its profits and screwing its customers.
This is what Wall St has been doing for 100 years.
Wake UP!
Get out of the market. Cash in your shares and tell the Wall St looters to drop dead.

One day after TD Ameritrade implemented unprecedented restrictions on trading in GME, AMC and other massive short squeezes, on Thursday morning reports are circulating on social media that Robinhood is no longer allowing GameStop or AMC share purchases.

"Robinhood Removes GameStop, AMC; Puts Notice On Pages Saying 'You Can Close Out Your Position On This Stock, But You Can Not Purchase Additional Shares'," Benzinga reported at about 0830 EST.

The report was corroborated by additional sources shortly after 0830 EST.

Ok seems like it's true from the numerous #Robinhood traders that have confirmed they cannot trade #GameStop #AMC or #Express on their accounts right now$gme$amc$exp

— Susan Li (@SusanLiTV) January 28, 2021
Users are reporting the same on Twitter.

— Derek Ross (@derekmross) January 28, 2021
There are also scattered reports that the app has restricted BlackBerry. Users on social media are furious:

In case it wasn't obvious yet, they'll do anything to prevent retail from making lots of money in the stock market. Robinhood just proved this by removing $GME, $AMC and more.

— Michael Handschuh (@mhandschuh) January 28, 2021
Is @RobinhoodApp really blocking $GME sales so these fucking hedge funds can cover their short? Disgusting

— Maeds (@Themaeds) January 28, 2021
Funny to see @RobinhoodApp promoting Finance Democracy whilst blocking people who are exactly exercising finance democracy from buying $GME, $AMC and $NOK.

— Derek 🇭🇰💎👋🚀 (@derekhkwok) January 28, 2021

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  • Posted by 4 months, 3 weeks ago
    This action by Wall St firms all but guarantees that small investors lose their investments and Wall St firms get profits. The prices of shares in companies are based mostly on supply and demand. More demand means higher prices. More supply means lower prices. This action means there is no demand because no small investor can buy resulting in falling prices. It also means there is near infinite supply because the only action allowed is to sell the shares, which assures falling prices.
    The result is Wall St firms get profits and small investors get losses.
    Wall St never allows small investors profits unless it means bigger profits for Wall St.
    Wall St manipulates the prices of all but the largest companies so they can't lose.
    Wall St is the Casino Owner in a giant gambling house called the stock market, and the small investors are the losers.
    Its designed so the house never loses, but when something goes awry with the design then government steps in to assure profits for Wall St stealing from the taxpayers to do so.
    Wall St is completely corrupt and controls politicians in all 3 branches of government - the President, the con-gress, and the courts.
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