Want to See ALL of Trump's tweets? GAB backed them up and has them on-line. (Their servers are overloaded but being expanded every day.)

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In the last four days 1.7 million new users have signed up to Gab — an alternative site to Twitter. The surge is so strong the site is swamped under the load. Gab are upgrading all the servers to deal with the growth. (The CEO is asking for patience).
They not only set up their own servers, they even created their own web browser (called Dissenter ). https://dissenter.com/
They also built a video platform (Gab.TV.) https://tv.gab.com/
and an encrypted email chat messaging service (Chat.Gab.) https://chat.gab.com/

Gab CEO Pulls Off The Impossible For Trump… INCREDIBLE!

“Gab CEO completely backed up Pres. Trump’s Twitter account before it was deleted & recreated him on Gab! What’s even more impressive is he did this while traffic was up 700% & under attack..https://t.co/F3olVzPpYy

— Liberty Times & Politics 🗣 #FreeSpeech (@dmills3710) January 13, 2021


Twitter is the ENEMY.
Amazon is the ENEMY.
Google is the ENEMY.
Youtube is the ENEMY.

Support Gab.
Support Parler.

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