HELP NEEDED: custom mask design that will make friends and make others question our oppressive reality

Posted by BrettRocketSci 5 months, 3 weeks ago to Culture
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I've had it with our "cure" and response that is much worse than the disease. It is time to make a statement on our mandatory masks that accomplishes several things at once:
1. shows that we do not sanction or respect these violations of our freedoms and independent judgment
2. Helps us identify and attract other like-minded people in our midst
3. Brings a rebellious American spirit to mask wearing

PLEASE HELP with your ideas, votes, and/or contributions for either or both a VENDOR who already makes something that fits this criteria, your favorite in my suggestions, or your own suggestion for what would be ideal on a mask.

This forum isn't the best venue to find the winner and crowdfund an ultimate product but I'll do my best to use your replies and create something we all love. I already have some local friends in on a similar effort.

Here is my list of suggestions. I need more that are purely visual. I hope this spurs more of you into thinking and action.

1984: No Longer Fiction
Magic Mask
I wear this so I don't have to think for myself
I "heart" Tyranny
CCP Approved
Quarantine: Lockdowns for sick people. Tyranny: Lockdowns for everyone.
The "cure" is worse than the disease
I'm being oppressed!

Please take it from here...

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  • Posted by sharky701 5 months, 3 weeks ago
    Bend over for your Convid probe, and keep your mouth shut!

    Don't talk about.......

    This mask failed to block the smell of B.S.

    This mask was a democrats jock strap in a former life.

    Just apply chloroform for that pleasant feeling!

    Why buy gold when you can buy the narrative?

    1rst amendment replacement device.

    Hands free barf bag.

    I used to be human, now I'm a Biden voter.

    Pre-owned masks are a cheap alternative to expensive brand new ones!

    Ask no questions, say nothing, just do as you are told!

    Germ re-breather.

    Oxygen restriction device.

    This is a signal of low intelligence.

    Waiting for the CDC to tell us all to jump off a bridge.


    Who wants to rub my hairy legs?

    I used to identify as myself, now I identify as who they tell me to be.

    Death to G.I. Joe, GO COBRA!

    CCP fashion accessory.

    I'm too lazy to think for myself, good thing we have the government to tell us how to live.

    Recycling toilet paper helps save the environment!

    Welcome to the USSA!
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  • Posted by $ BobCat 5 months, 3 weeks ago
    How about just wearing a piece of screen - and when some Karen confronts you, just say, ‘show me the science that a screen door will not keep out viruses’.
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