My Kid's Teacher is 4N7iF4

Posted by $ Abaco 4 months, 4 weeks ago to Education
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My boy is switching schools after this year. He has been telling me about how his teachers, rather than teaching the subjects, are having lectures about Biden being elected, etc. They are really wound up, I guess. So...for my info he recorded one of these lectures. Let me tell you...I am pretty sure his teacher is recruiting for this organization. The points she made are right out of the playbook. And, the sad thing is that high school kids aren't equipped to destroy her points as I am.

Her points?...Violence is justified if your existence is threatened. Your existence is threatened by fascist thoughts and words. (Literally - you can be EXTERMINATED by other's WORDS). There's no metric to determine what qualifies as fascist. Sometimes you need to destroy an innocent person's business and property to get the proper attention to your cause. When a kid said they didn't think it's right to destroy other people's property her exact response..."property is just property". When a boy said he was opposed to using violence against other citizens, "Oh, so you're a pacifist then." (No...that's not the definition...). Honestly, I think this teacher is recruiting. She's supposed to be teaching a basic science. Instead, she's spending the class time saying this crap to these kids.

These people talk as though we're all a bunch of frightened sheep, hiding in our homes. It's really amazing. I explained to my son that when a man's family and property are threated he often will open up a big can of whoopass and get down to business. If what I heard on that recording is happening all over I think America will suffer even more mindless violence under this administration. Their guy won. Now it seems they want some sort of spoils of war or something...

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 4 months, 4 weeks ago
    My next stop would be me and 20 friends screaming for her head to the school board. They'd have to escort her off the property with no recommendation. I'd consult with my attorney and see if there was a lawsuit in this.
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