Hi. My name is...Shelly Paradise

Posted by shellgardens 4 months ago to The Gulch: Introductions
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I'm very happy to have landed in the Gulch...
I am from Siler City, NC.
I had a very fast & fine flight.

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 3 months, 2 weeks ago
    Shelly we are glad to have your thoughts. N
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    • Posted by 3 months, 2 weeks ago
      Please follow my favorite intel man at SimonParkes.org. He has the most up-to-date information and will be hired by Q after the storm and will be moving from England to Arizona. I highly suggest you join his group so you can be a part of his Connecting Consciousness group in your area. We have a group in NC. Be of good cheer. The military has control of optics. No need for any of us to have a doom & gloom outlook. GESARA was instituted last year.
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      • Posted by Lucky 3 months, 2 weeks ago
        This SimonParkes is surely a plant, paid from the OpenSoc Foundation or whatever for great work spreading diversionary stories to their opponents (..me). There are others.

        With my position -viewpoints/opinions- they are writing to me. I have read a few of them, some are good. They start with common knowledge, then interpret it, they speak well of my side, then make some reasonable projections. Then the fantasy comes. The fantasy involves the military who are working to a plan, all that has happened is part of the plan, every setback was expected, it is what was intended to trap the opposition, just wait, in two days, two weeks, two months it will unfold, arrests, military tribunals, hangings (this works on me to bring me back with them), peace, justice, righteousness and cheap gas, all will return.
        Deadlines, dates and days come and go, the story hardly changes.

        These sites are reported by msm. I talk to people about shredded ballots and I get
        "So you believe the Clintons are cannibals". That was in there as well, I did not read the column alongside. The stories have achieved the purpose which is to squelch criticism by making it easy to make sneering rejoinders.

        Whether or not there is a plan, think of this-

        Those who know, don't tell.
        Those who tell, don't know
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        • Posted by 3 months, 2 weeks ago
          Your ignorance of who Simon Parkes is shows me that you have not followed Q since 2017. I will only give you a piece of constructive criticism. Learn what Connecting Consciousness is and join it. Otherwise, learn to meditate so you will not feel so disturbed by those of us trying to gently wake you up. Do you have any intel that you can recommend? If not, listen and learn from the best sources out there. I am not here to convince you. I am here to present facts as I know them and you can disagree if you have evidence that Simon is "surely a plant". Please do more research. Your last paragraph: "Whether or not here is a plan" is very telling. You must not have served in the military. There is always a plan. They don't tell everything as the secrets need to be kept from the enemy. Those who tell may not know since plans can change at a moment's notice. Please recommend to me who and what you follow so I can become enlightened.
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          • Posted by Lucky 3 months, 2 weeks ago
            A response to questions:

            1. " Please recommend .. who and what you follow".
            .. I do not follow, I am not an accolyte of any.
            I cannot recommend without knowing the purpose.

            I admire the work of Ayn Rand, her novels including Atlas Shrugged, the book and the film, her non-fiction work centering on the philosophy of Objectivism, and her interviews.
            It may not be apparent from much of the content but this site, Galt's Gulch On-line, was founded to be a focal point of discussion on the above.

            2. "To become enlightened" (With an "e" if not an "E").
            Try The Kalama Sutra, Buddha. The Buddha's charter of free inquiry. This was set out 2,500 years ago, it may be noted that it is close to Objectivism.

            I talk to people about vote number switching-
            Voters are watching TV about vote counting progress in their county, then, vote numbers for T are switched with vote numbers for B.
            This is credible, serious and important.
            The response is, "Are they interbreeding with space aliens?"

            So if someone has a few hundred million to spend on voting machine software, they can sure feed some good stories to Simon Parkes, stories that get lapped up.
            To me that is more likely than talk of military plans for a date of two weeks ahead, when it is always two weeks ahead.

            The result, not courts, not public, not media give a hearing to voting fraud for several reasons. One is that it is mixed in with alien abductions and reptile battles.
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            • Posted by 3 months, 2 weeks ago
              Thank you for your lengthy response.
              As far as your point on "vote number switching," on 12/21/18 Trump signed into law the National Quantum Initiative Act which protects our national security. Go to https://www.quantum.gov/quantum.gov
              Trump has been on top of voter fraud for years. He warned us that it would happen. It has now been exposed for voters to see. Seeing the extent of the crime is better than being told it exists.
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          • Posted by Lucky 3 months, 2 weeks ago
            Simon Parkes

            What Simon Parkes says:

            Don’t think for one minute that the good guys are going to lose. This has been planned for far beyond and above anything that the bad guys can come up with
            ..the Q team allegedly uses a quantum computer that can predict the future

            .. intergalactic wars being fought between the Avians and the Reptiles. . . claims he is abducted four times a year so that he can have sex with his alien wife, with whom he shares a child named Zarka. He experienced his first alien contact while still in the womb, and his first physical encounter at the age of six months. He also lost his virginity to a space hologram when he was five.
            SIMON PARKES : The Project Avalon Interview

            What a supporter says:
            I also think we all need to enlarge our thinking to include beings from other galactic planets and to include “alien” beings who live right here next to us and will demand to be recognized as rightful citizens of planet earth. We are being thrust into 4D and 5D realities and we are NOT prepared.

            What a critics say:
            [the vids] .. they sound great! They are telling you everything you want to hear!

            and -
            Nothing much in all that except to see that it has been going on for years. ..
            A pathological liar and fantasist, some people like to read it, he is being paid. ..
            In every major conspiracy theory there is. ..
            Performs soul readings and expels demons if you're afflicted by dark energy.

            What msm press say:
            The Daily Express, England
            Labour politician. Alien-obsessed Simon Parkes, a councillor in Whitby, North Yorkshire, blamed hostilities in troubled eastern Ukraine on a group of alien reptiles he calls the 'Nordics.'
            Feb 23, 2015

            Similar. Daily Mail.

            My beliefs:
            on spiritual values, consciousness, healthful living.
            None. I believe in good dinners with the steak medium/well done accompanied by a glass or two of a rich red.
            To finish there should be Arabian coffee, a port or brandy. Accompaniment of Beethoven's early string quartets, live - not canned music. Of course, above all, erudite, free, open, mutually respectful, conversation with minds having shared values.

            To be continued, maybe.
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