The Rise of the Legal American People

Posted by txjoe 3 months, 1 week ago to History
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Today is the beginning of the rise of Legal American Citizens to protest the fraudulent manipulation by the democratic party and the House to steal the LEGAL election of an American President. There is no way that anyone can not see how the biased media is portraying these Patriotic Americans as terrorist mobs when they were portraying the TERRORIST BLM RIOTERS as nonviolent protestors. The protestors today were NOT destroying public property, they were not setting fires and they were NOT stealing from businesses the was that the BLM RIOTERS were doing. The democratic party has brought this on themselves and the violence that will continue the next few days and the months ahead is nothing but a culmination of all of the abominations that Legal American Citizens have had to deal with and put up with all through the Obama years and the past 4 years of democratic pushes to impeach President Trump even PRIOR to his being LEGALLY elected and while he was in office. The United States of America is dying day by day and it WILL continue as long as the travesty of Buy-den, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and ALL of the river rats are still in office. Our Forefathers would be PROUD of what the Legal American Citizens have done today for it is an echo of what they did long ago.

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