Ha-ha, only serious observation on fictional villains.

Posted by Eudaimonia 10 months ago to Humor
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The American people are being ruled by a bunch of Atlas Shrugged villains who take their orders from a bunch of James Bond villains.

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  • Posted by $ allosaur 10 months ago
    Many moons ago, me dino recalls commenting here about our worse American politicians having a personal appearance reminiscent of Star Wars villains.
    Let's touch on some~~
    Snaketoid-faced Schumer with a voice first heard in the Garden of Eden.
    Arm-flinging Nancy Pelositoid from the planet Dingbaticus.
    Blumenthalitall Vietnamshamus from the planet Hypocrti who often calls others liars.
    Turtle Mack, a reptilian who leads the Senate by making his head disappear.
    Mad Maxine, a Howler from Banshee World.
    Adam Schiffless from the Decepticlus Moons of the Loki Star System where a Secret Whistleblower can be found reflected in any mirror.
    Guv Cuomocrapnoggin the Final Solution Nursing Home population control exterminator with his sidekick Mayo De Blastio, Destroyer Of Cities.
    And there is AOC of the praying mantis people who leads a squad from--say, where was that world in Starship Troopers when that helmeted journalist in a war news video cries,
    "It's an ugly planet! A bug planet!" just before he is torn to pieces?
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  • Posted by CTYankee44 10 months ago
    As a fan of Asimov's Foundation series, I believe we're in the era of the weak emperors. The American empire reached it's zenith several generations ago. we're in the long slow decline towards stagnation.

    No real villain, but no real heroes or leaders either. Mr. Trump might have been The Great Hober Mallow, but unless he returns to power...

    Xiden will certainly be recognized as the one of the Cleon's.

    Time will tell.
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    • Posted by rhfinle 10 months ago
      I never related Galt's Gulch to the First Foundation, but I see a basic theme there. Include the monasteries that helped europe survive through the Dark Ages, Shangri-La (although that was a well-funded socialist nightmare), and some secure bug-out locations up in the mountains, and we have a recurring theme, a hope to have somewhere to go when the S inevitably hits the F.
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    • Posted by TheRealBill 10 months ago
      On a related note: as a fellow fan of the Foundation series, I am not interested in the show Apple is making "based on" it. The previews have already set the stage that it isn't the same story - just another reuse of names.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 10 months ago
    Laughing. Observably, those villains are real, we call em: Georgie sorass, sh**ft schumer,bumbiden peloci and the squad...others remain nameless although you can always find em at the WHO?, the un and china...
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