Digital Herding

Posted by $ AJAshinoff 6 days, 16 hours ago to Politics
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Quite a few Information sources, sources not connected to or dependant on the major social media outlets have either been taken down completely (sudden TOS breaches) or are suffering from DDOS assaults, causing them to be pathetically slow or to crash repeatedly, it are having SSL disruptions. What happening are the dissenting voices are being digitally herded into 'new' sites where a more complete list can be stolen from (parlers db was breached as it went down). Getting current info is growing increasingly more difficult and one wonders how many unfriendly, leftist yes are watching as Conservatives condense into large but manageable online groups, complete with authenticated accounts, some using phone numbers.
It's T minus 7 days and it feels like battle lines are being drawn. Be safe my gulchers. My gut is telling me things are going to ugly, perhaps bloody, soon.

Not pandering, but seeing the parallels, I wish I never wrote my novels.

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